How Long does a Solar Pool Cover Last? 5-7 Years? FIND OUT!

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From experience, solar pool covers typically last 3-y years. 3 years life expectancy on serious/high usage and 7 years on mild usage.

My friend, Joe has had one go 10 years, but that’s rare, even for him, haha.

Also, the cheapest covers typically last one season while more expensive brands usually go 4 years+.

Lastly, the warranty period may be something to consider before purchasing a solar pool cover. Different companies offer various warranty offers.

Some offer 1 year, 3 years, 7 years, and pro-rata warranties.

How Long Can You Keep A Solar Cover On A Pool?

On good pool chemistry, solar covers can go up to 5 years or more.

Over time, they begin to deteriorate.

The first sign of a solar blanket wearing out bubbles floating on the water.

Is a Solar Pool Cover Worth It?


There is no doubt that solar blankets help your swimming pool to warm up, quickly. They also aid in the retention of pool heat at night too.

Therefore, saving energy costs and reducing humidity.

How Often Should You Replace A Solar Cover?

It depends on the quality of your solar blanket and its warranty. Usually, the cheapest types last of one season while the expensive ones can last for up to ten years.

Should I take My Solar Cover Off During The Day?

It depends. Solar covers will block sunlight and keep heat out of the pool during the day. So, if you’re okay with that, you can keep it on. Otherwise, you can take it off.

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How Can I Make My Pool Cover Last Longer?

Lubricate the pool cover according to the directions

  • Use water tubes
  • Do not use it under the sunlight
  • Patch the cover when it wears or tears
  • Clean the track of dirt/debris so it does not tear the cover
  • Keep the inground vault free of debris or harmful substance or things
  • Check the water level of your pool.

How Long does a Solar Pool Cover Last

What Goes Wrong with a Solar Pool Cover?

Yes, all pool covers may look the same, but they don’t all last the same.

You might think it doesn’t matter since not much can go wrong with a pool cover. But, we’re here to prove to you otherwise.

Continue reading and you’d discover that a lot of things can go wrong and not all pool covers last the same amount of time.

  • Cover Disintegrates

The sun’s UV rays and some harsh pool chemicals can cause your pool cover to disintegrate.

Although THERE ARE POOL COVER applications and chemicals (UV Stabilizers) meant to increase the life of pool cover service life, they’ll only do as much as you allow them to.

These chemicals only offer limited protection and eventually, every pool blanket type will suffer a worse fate.

However, the better covers boast of more of this chemical protection and in fact, do last much longer. Whereas, cheap solar pool covers only go strong for a season.

Another factor to consider when picking pool covers is thickness. The thickness of the cover also affects how long the cover will last before the pool and sun chemicals break it down.

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Thicker covers will go longer than non-thick ones.

  • Pool Cover Rips or Tears

Pool covers can also tear at the seams or any area close to them.

A lot of covers typically suffer rips in them after a couple of years of consistent use.

Note: This doesn’t usually affect the performance.

Thicker covers (400 microns in thickness or more), will be less susceptible to tearing.

  • Types of Warranties

To get an idea of how long your pool cover will serve you, check the length of the warranty offered.

Yes, you head me right, make sure you check the fine print though.

At first glance, certain warranties might appear to be long but they can be deceptive if you don’t read past the fine print.

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Replacement Warranty Explained

Yes, a replacement warranty is just as it sounds.

It’s when the retailer or supplier agrees to replace the pool cover if there is an issue or if the pool cover does not last.

  • Pro-Rata Warranties Explained

Some companies offer a pro-rata warranty up to 8 years in length. While these warranties sound good at first, make sure you fully understand how it works to properly evaluate the value of these warranties.

Normally these warranties will offer to replace the cover within the first couple of years. Then after that, the warranty coverage is reduced according to how long you’ve had the cover for. You will need to pay a pro-rata amount for a replacement.

8 Year Pro-Rata Warranty Example

Year Action Taken Amount To Pay (assuming $800 original cover cost)
 Year 1  Replace  $    –
 Year 2  Replace  $    –
 Year 3  Replace  $    –
 Year 4   Customer to pay 50% of cost of new cover  $400
 Year 5  Customer to pay 63% of cost of new cover  $500
 Year 6  Customer to pay 75% of cost of new cover  $600
 Year 7  Customer to pay 88% of cost of new cover  $700
Year 7-8  Customer to pay  88-100% cost of new cover  $704 – $800
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So if you paid $1,200 for your pool cover, at the end of three years your warranty is worth $600 and after a further two years it will only be worth $300. To claim on your warranty, you will often need to pay the balance towards a new cover.

Be aware that if making a claim for the pool cover, then if you purchased a pool roller, this cost will also be deducted from the value of the warranty.

For example:

Using the above example, if you paid $1200 altogether ($800 for the cover and $400 for the roller), then before the calculation is applied, the cost of the roller is taken from the total. So the warranty amount is calculated on the worth of the cover only, which is $800.

What Warranties May Not Cover

In most cases, pool cover warranties typically don’t cover “misuse”.

Misuse refers to one of the following:

Tearing or ripping (this is normally considered fair wear and tear)

Over chlorination (greater than 3ppm chlorine)

Failure to run filter pump at least 4 hours per day

Storing pool cover in sun (when not on pool)

Not using a protective cover when the cover is rolled up

How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool?

On average, your solar pool cover can heat your pool by up to 5 degrees in 12 hours.

The type of solar cover you have and weather conditions too will determine how quickly your pool heats up.

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