How Long Can Deer Meat Stay on Ice before It goes Bad? 7-14 Days? FIND OUT!

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How long will it keep in a cooler on ice before going bad? 7 days to 1 month is the average.

Personally, the maximum I have left deer meat on ice is 14 days. Ensure you keep ice fresh and drain the water daily so the meat don’t go bad.

I typically aim for 5-7 days. I notice the meat gets a richer flavor, and is more tender during that period.

To store, get 2-gallon Ziploc bags, and keep the meat in them. Keep the water out, but on ice, and keep meat 7 days like that with no problem at all.

How Long Can Deer Meet Stay in Fridge Before Processing?

5-14 days is fine. Make sure the drain can drip but is not open.

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Never allow it to sit in the ice water, just ice. It makes the meat a lot better so instead of thinking it’s bad you should be thinking about how good it will be, it was iced right about the whole time.

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What to Do with Deer Meat – Putting it on ICE

I like to keep the meat in a good cooler like a 5-day cooler or Yeti.

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now with amazing results, and I am very picky about how my meat should be handled, processed and cooked.

I take as much meat off the bone and clean it of any debris, hair, etc. I then layer a thick layer of ice in the cooler’s bottom. Then add a layer of meat. I cover that layer with ice once again, then a new layer of meat, and then a final layer of ice several inches thick at least on top.

Then close the cooler and wait 2-3 hours, then come ack and drain off all the water generated from the melting ice.

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Next, add more ice on top and fill cooler to capacity if possible.

At the start of each day, drain off all water and add ice if possible. Ensure the meat does not stand in water (as that might contaminate it quick). Keep it well-drained each day.

I do this regimen for 14 days, then I butcher/process the meat.

So far the meat is the best I have ever tasted. As long as you drain the water off each day, you will have the best aged venison you have ever put in your mouth.

And just to be clear, you add ice to the top each day if needed.

How Long Can Deer Meat Stay in Fridge Before Processing?

It can last 7 days, on average as long as you’ve kept it iced and drained well.

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How Long Can You Hang Meat in A Cooler?

It can stay up to a month in a cooler as long as it is ice then you are good to go. These days, I process it within 5 days.

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I know many people prefer to “bleed out” their deer for a week before processing in ice chests. They drain the water and add more ice and do that daily for a while.

It’s all about the temp — keep it cold and it will stay good forever.

How Long Can Ceer Meat Stay on Ice before It goes Bad

How Long Is Venison Good For?

I like to keep venison inside the walk-in cooler for 2 weeks, the deer would hang in the freezer for around 10 days, then be quartered, then go in the super cold ice chest – it would stay good for another 7 days until I could get everything processed.

NEVER LEAVE the cooler sitting in the sun, the meat on top will go bad, and the ice won’t last as long.

How Fast Does Deer Meat Spoil?

As long as you keep it cold (with ice or in a fridge), it will stay fresh for 3.5 weeks. In other words, you have around 3.5 weeks to get in the freezer.

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