How Long after Adding Stabilizer Can I Swim? FIND OUT

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Wait about 20 minutes to an hour, and you are free to swim. That is to ensure that all the chemicals would have fully dispersed and dissolved in the water.

Treating your pool is something every pool owner must be committed to. However, we use different chemicals and as such we want to know how soon we can swim after using such chemicals.

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How Long After Adding Chemicals Can I Swim?

Here are the waiting times for each of the chemicals added for stability in your pool.

  • pH, Alkalinity and Clarifier

You need to wait anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes after you’re done adding any of these chemicals.

  • Calcium Chloride

You need to use calcium chloride to get rid of all the calcium hardness in your pool. Once the application is complete, you would need to wait out 2-4 hours before attempting to swim.

Additionally, you should wait for at least one complete through the filter to use your pool.

  • Shock/Chlorine

Like you, many people want to know how long after adding stabilizer, Can I add chlorine? You can add chlorine after 60 minutes of adding stabilizer to your pool. Once shocking is complete, you can only get into the water as soon as the chlorine level gets to 5PPM or preferably after a day.

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We always advise testing the pool before getting in it.

  • Muriatic Acid

NEVER get into the pool immediately after adding Muriatic acid. Instead, wait 30 minutes after pouring the chemical before you can swim.

  • Algaecide

A lot of pool owners swim with algaecide in the pool with no issues but we do recommend waiting 15 minutes before swimming after applying algaecide to the water.

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How Long after Adding Stabilizer Can I Swim

  • Flocculent

If you still have some flocculent in your pool, then you shouldn’t get into the pool immediately since you could potentially reduce the effect in the water.

You can only go into the pool after the flocculent has settled and completely vacuumed.

Our Verdict

Feel free to share with us your experience after reading about our guide on “how long after adding stabilizer can I swim?”

If you’ve got kids or teenager, we advise you get them out of the house before you begin treatment.

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