How Do I View A Document Camera On My Computer?

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Getting ready for your video conferencing session having acquire a new document camera or docucam as you may call it? If you are oblivious about how to view a document camera on your computer, I will show you how.

A document camera is an essential piece of equipment that comes in handy when you need an aid to make the learning and teaching process more effective while in a classroom environment or the normal video conferencing meetings.

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How Do I View a Document Camera on my Computer?

To view a document camera on your computer, you would need to ensure the document camera is properly connected to your computer system.

We would take for granted you already purchased a document camera. Here’s how to connect and view a document camera on your computer.

1. First, the connection will require a USB-A to USBmini-B or USB-C to USBmini-B ports. This depends on the available ports on your computer system

2. Using the original USB cable of your computer, connect your computer to the USB port in the input panel of the document camera.

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3. Plug the document camera to a power source and turn it on

4. You will see a pop-up message that reads “USB Device Installing” or something related to it

5. Start the video conferencing software you would like to make use of, go to the settings on the software, and make sure your document camera is in the camera list

6. You can view the document camera by accessing file explorer on your computer. Simply hold down the Windows key + E and you will see the document camera among the list of programs if it is properly installed

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NOTE: Getting a document camera to work is predicated on downloading and installing the right software that makes the docucam compatible with your computer. On the websites of document camera manufacturers, you will always find a software which is a necessary requirement to view and make use of a document camera on your computer.

Hence, download and install the software of a document camera from the official website of the docucam manufacturers. You will always find specifications and terms of use on these websites.


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