How Do I Take Pictures With My Document Camera? SEE HERE

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Document cameras are used for sharing documents and files live. During video conferencing meetings, document cameras come in handy and they make for great teaching aids and tools. With all the good that comes with document cameras, many still wonder if it is possible to take pictures with one.

It is possible to take pictures with a document camera and while this feature may not be present in older models of document cameras, it is a possibility in newer docucams. I will walk you through how to take pictures using a document camera.

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How to Take Pictures with a Document Camera?

With a document camera, you can take pictures when you have the right cable and software. The cable to be used with a document camera is a USB cable. It is the same cable you use to connect hard drives and printers.

As for the software aspect, the manufacturers of document cameras have software on their websites which makes the document camera compatible with the device you intend to use. Before a document camera can be made to work on any device, the software compatible with your device must be downloaded and installed.

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If you want to take pictures using the document cameras, you do so via the camera’s software already installed on your computer system. To do this, navigate to the docucam’s software on your computer system and double-click on it.

You can find the docucam feed and the software as independent tabs depending on the docucam you are using. Aim your document camera at the item you wish to take a picture of. This will appear on your docucam’s feed.

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While on the feed, click the “Save” tab at the top left corner of the page. Next, frame your image in the live doc cam feed. You may need to push the freeze button on the document camera. Then, click on “Save As” and select the location where you want to save the picture you have taken already.

You can repeat this process as many as times as you want while trying to take pictures with your document camera.

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