How Do I Show My Documents on Google Meet? LEARN MORE

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IYou probably have your class scheduled to hold on Google Meet and figured you will have to show your students some documents in the course of your teaching. I will walk you through a step-by-step guide that explains how you can show your documents on Google Meet.

How Do I Show Documents on Google Meet?

The following steps will help you show your documents while on Google Meet:


1. Create a Google Meet invite using Google calendar. To do this, go to Google Calendar and select create an event. Enter the details of the event such as date, time, and other event details.

2. Under “Event Details” you will see a button “Add Google Meet video conferencing”, click on it to add your Google Meet meeting.

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3. Scroll down to the description box and add your description. In the description box, give a brief explanation about the meeting, maybe a sentence or two. Just above the description text field, you will see an attachment icon

4. Click on the attachment icon where you will be able to add the document you would like to show your audience during your meeting. You can select documents from your Google Drive or upload them from your computer.

5. After clicking the documents to show on your Google Meet, click Select.

6. Cross-check that other event details are added accurately then click on Save at the top right of the Google Calendar interface.

When you are ready to have your meeting, head to Google Calendar, click on your saved meeting invitation, and then on “Join with Google Meet”.

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Once you are on the Google Meet window, click on “Join Now” to get your meeting started.

At the bottom left corner of your Google Meet window, you will see the title of your meeting with a small attachment icon on its right side. Click on the meeting title and the short description you added while creating the event will be displayed.

You will also see an attachment tab. Click on it and the documents you saved will be shown. You can now share it with your audience.

Should you remember a document you forgot to add while creating the meeting, do not panic! I will show you what to do.

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How to Attach Documents in Google Meet?

If your meeting has started already and you remembered a document you needed to share but unfortunately forgot to add it, here is how to add it even while your meeting is going on.

1. Go to your event invite in your Google Calendar and click on it

2. Go down to the attachment icon where you added documents before that is just above the description text file.

3. In the attachment menu, click on the document(s) you would like to add and click Select

4. Save your event and head back to Google Meet

Google Meet will update the document immediately and you can share it, in the same way, I explained earlier on.

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