How Do I Get My Document Camera To Work on My Computer?

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Document cameras are a great way to facilitate the teaching and learning process and it can be made to do this and more when users know how to get it to work. Getting your document camera is a pretty easy process and does not require so much time.

With document cameras, you can help students feel as though they are learning in a classroom environment even though the teacher is not physically in front of them. Teachers and educators can bring all the documents they would like to share live ensuring students do not miss out on the fun of learning.

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Without further ado, let’s delve into how you can get your document camera to work.


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How to Make Your Document Camera Work on My Camera?

A document camera is simply a modern version of the old overhead projector systems that comes with more versatile functions. It works with other device when connected to the internet that allows you to share documents and other files with users.

Unfold the document camera and plug it into the computer you plan on using to share the files and documents. The USB cable that is originally assigned to your computer should be used in connecting the document camera and your computer.

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On the document camera, you will find an input panel with USB ports. These USB ports allow you to connect the document camera to other devices. Depending on what you want to connect the document camera to either an HDMI device or a computer system whichever way, you will find an attendant port for the connection.

Once your document camera is successfully installed and the necessary settings have been activated, aim your docucam on the document or file you wish to share. You can aim at graphs, notes, atlases, diagrams, articles, etc. If your connection to the device is properly configured, whatever the document camera captures will be shared with your audience.

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Many document cameras come with flexible necks. This can be an important feature to look out for when buying a document camera. With a docucam that comes with a flexible neck, you can maneuver the camera to aim at any item.


There are several things that must be in place to get your document camera to work. When buying a document camera, look into mobility, cost, whiteboard, lenses, and lighting. Also, it is important to have a good USB cord to afford better connectivity.


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