HOW Can I Use My Phone as a Document Camera? SEE HERE!

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Can I Use My Phone as a Document Camera? When conducting an online session, the need to show your audience a document may arise and if all you have is your phone, the best feasible means is to convert your phone to a document camera.

Can I Use My iPhone as a Document Camera?

In using a phone as a document camera, iPhone users seem to enjoy more privileges. It is even more interesting as there are several apps that makes it possible for your iPhone to be used as a document c


One of the free, powerful apps I will recommend is Overviewer. Overviewer is a free app for iPhone and iPad users that uses your camera to mirror whatever your camera picks into your Zoom meeting. Simply put, it mirrors whatever is captured by your phone’s camera and places it in your online meeting.

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How to Use Overviewer on iPhone

To mirror stuff from your iPhone into your Zoom call, you have two options – using a cable or Airplay.

With a cable, preferably a Lightening Bolt cable, once the Overviewer is running and your iPhone is connected to your computer, click on the standard screen sharing option on your Zoom screen.

Then select wired connection and whatever is captured by your phone’s camera will be displayed on the Zoom screen.

Alternatively, you can use Airplay. In the Zoom screen sharing option, click on share iPhone or iPad via Airplay and share. If you have not installed the Airplay plugin, Zoom will have you do that.

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Once that is complete, go-to your phone’s control center and click on screen mirroring. In the list that appears, you will find your Zoom meeting, click on it, and that does it.

Overviewer is for only iPhone and iPads, there is something for Android users.

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Can I Use My Android Phone as a Document Camera?

Android users are not left you can use your android phone as a document camera. You will simply have to mirror your Android screen to your computer and you can do that using Vysor.

Vysor is a free tool that puts your Android’s screen on your desktop. You can use it to play games, use apps, and control your Android device.

How to Use Vysor on Android

Install the Vysor app on your phone. Once it is installed, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

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Get the Vysor app and Zoom running. On Zoom, click on the screen sharing option and select mirrored phone screen. As long as Vysor is running and your phone is connected to your computer, whatever your phone’s camera is capturing will be mirrored on your Zoom screen.

Bonus Tip: considering you intend to use your phone as a document camera, get something to hold your phone. You may not be able to hold your phone to view a document while simultaneously conversing with your Zoom audience.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, have your phone installed so that your view can be wide enough to accommodate a document and would not require you holding your phone.

You could get a tripod or cell phone holder.

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