Is Your Hot Tub Stabilizer too High? CAUSES & SOLUTIONS

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Draining your spa is the only means to reduce your CYA and total dissolves solid levels.

Is Your hot tub stabilizer too high?

Once the stabilizer becomes too high in a pool, the chlorine molecules gets locked, making them ineffective as a sanitizer. In most cases, this effect is triggered by using chlorine tablets containing cyanuric acid.

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Pool owners who sanitize water using salt systems or other methods typically do not face this type of challenge.

Although you might get a clear chlorine reading – at times a high chlorine reading – your pool may still face algae or other issues. That is because the chlorine molecules are locked up in the high cyanuric acid level.

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How to Fix High Stabilizer in Hot Tub

There is no way an addition of chemicals will help lower the stabilizer lebel. The best way to fix high stabilizer in hot tub problem is by diluting it with fresh water.

There is no WORKING chemical on the market that you can add to your tub to lower the stabilizer.

What to do If Stabilizer Is High in Hot Tub?

First, dilute it with fresh water. You can do this in two ways –

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Take advantage of dual or more valve coming to the intake side of the pump. Simply close the skimmer line and open the drain valve on the return side.

In case you do not already own a drain valve, get one installed.


Simply drain about two feet of water from the pool. I recommend doing 18-24 inches below the title line bottom. Now, reset the valves and add water from the horse. This activity can take many hours depending on your pool size and water pressure from your hose.

Let the pool filter on normal cycle and have the stabilizer re-tested. There should be a significant decrease in stabilizer.

Hot Tub Stabilizer too High

What’s the Ideal Level for Pool Chlorine Stabilizer?

For personal, or homeowner pools, aim for a stabilizer between 30 and 50ppm.

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For commercial pools, keep it below 100ppm (as health inspectors would).

Why does my chlorine test high? It’s orange instead of yellow, but I haven’t added chlorine for a week.

Use another set of test reagents. They could have become bad from months of neglect on the shelf.

Do you add the stabilizer chemical to the pool or the water return?

Add it directly into the skimmer. Stabilizer does not dissolve fast, so it’s not recommended to put it directly into the pool, but it will dissolve when added via the skimmer.

How do you make the stabilizer level in the pool higher?

Simply add in Stabilizer (cyanauric acid)

Why would pool water turn clothes and skin green/blue?

The cause of this is water chemistry problem. I suggest having a full parameter chemical test done professionally, including a metals test (Copper and Iron).

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