Hot Tub Jets won’t turn Off – A DIY SOLUTION!

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Your hot tub jets won’t turn off if your tub is designed to have a constant operating circulation pump. However, if it is not designed to work that way then there could be lots of reasons why the problem could have occurred.

First, the heating element of the hot tub may have burned out. That will make the spa’s pump to run all the time. Other issues that may be the cause could be a faulty time or a stuck relay on the printed circuit board.

Note: Different pumps feature unique filtration setting. If yours is set to constant, then the pump will run all the time.

If you suspect that any of these issues could be triggering the problem with your tub, then you should follow the steps below to fix it or seek advice from a professional hot tub electrician.

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How to Fix Faulty Hot Tub Jets won’t turn Off Issue?

You can either follow method one (a permanent fix) or method two (a simple DIY free solution). Both works.

  • Solution One (Permanent Fix)

Is your pump stuck on high speed? Then the culprits could be a topside controller having a short in the button configuration, or the pump relay on the circuit board is fused together at the points.

A simple way to test this is to simply cut all power to the SPA pack, then take off the cover of the control box and locate the cable coming down to the circuit board from your topside panel and unplug the topside controller from your circuit board.

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As soon as this is done, proceed to power the spa back up without the topside connected. PAY close attention to the pump. If the pump is off when the power is back on, then your topside is shorted and there’s no repairing them, so you’d need to replace it.

If the pump on the other hand comes back on still running on high speed with no topside connected, then the high speed pump relay on your circuit board is fused together and you might be able to break them lose if they’re exposed contact relays, but if they’re cubed and covered relays, then there’s no way you can break it lose and the only option will be to replace the whole board unfortunately.

hot tub jets won't turn off

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  • Solution Two (Temporary Fix)

If the pump that’s running on high speed features dual speed pump, you need to check the end of the chord where it plugs into the spa pack or pump label. If it’s a two speed pump, the end of the chord will have four wires or conductors.

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With the power off on the spa, you can locate the relay on the board that links to that chord, the relay will be labeled hi speed pump, or something similar to that. Once you locate the relay, you can disconnect that wire from the relay and the pump won’t run then, from there you can turn the system back on and everything else should work normally, but that will only temporarily solve the issue.

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