Hot Tub Jets Weak? What to Do! – SEE HERE

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If your hot tub jets are weak then there could be many factors that might make it underperform. So, it is crucial to understand what and how best to solve them. The tests listed below will help you fish out any common jet-related problems.

But, if none yields results, then you may need to reach out to a specialist. Jet malfunction sometimes happens when the pumps act up. At times, it is better to call in a professional help than try to fix it yourself.

Hot Tub Tets weak? What to Do!

Overused Filters

Jets with worn out filters may sometimes experience slow down, pulsate or softness. We recommend testing the filters by removing them from the jets. It you notice a difference in performance, then you should change the filters. Otherwise, bring out your cleaning kit and clean the filters then reinsert them to run another test.

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A loosed blade chip or bearing can make your jets clog. Additionally, hair and torn fabric can also impede the impeller. Look closely for such obstruction with the hot tub off.

If you cannot find any, then scale deposits might be the next culprit. Are you maintaining proper water levels? If NO then calcium is likely the culprit. So take away the jets and soak them in vinegar to dissolve any deposits.

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Lack of Pressure

Sometimes air locks into pump after hot tub drainage. That could make the pump lose traction and weakens. This is one minor pump issue you can fix your self.

  • To correct this, simply
  • Loosen the coupling to the discharge pope (DO NOT REMOVE IT).
  • Once powered, listen for a hiss.
  • If water sprays immediately, tighten the coupling. Otherwise, wait for the air to release.

Hot Tub Jets Weak

Gasket Malfunctions

Jets come with an internal gasket for separating low and high-water pressures and if this gets dysfunctional, the jet will be unable to draw air incorrectly therefore streaming softly or inconsistently.

A good alternative would be to purchase new gaskets or get your jets repaired should this be the issue.

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Weak jets! What Do I Do?

To know the difference between lack of water flow vs lack of air flow in weak jets, read the following:

A blower will add in extra air but no additonal force. The secret to having stronger jets is boosting flow rate and/or pressure. If your plumbing can take on higher flow rates then getting a larger pump will make your jets stronger. jets. But if most of the head loss is in the plumbing vs jets, this may not help. Otherwise, you can reduce the orifice of the venturi jets and that will make them feel stronger although reduce the flow rate per jet.

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