What is a Horticultural Grit, Sand For Planting & WHERE TO BUY!

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Horticultural grit are really small pieces of rock, as far as I know. You can get them on Amazon or in a farm store. Just ask for chicken grit. I’ve always used that, since I constantly have them. I think you’ll find them in other places labeled as “horticultural grit” or “grit”.

What UK gardeners call grit is closest to what garden owners in the USA call crushed granite or decomposed granite. You might be able to find them in nearby granite quarries but be careful when using crushed limestones in the UK, since PH can be easily changed by limestone, so it’s a but risky.

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How to Make Horticultural Grit

Horticultural grit refers to a washed grit with a particle size of 1-4mm, or sometimes 2-6mm, with a neutral ph.

Any gravel or grit with an equivalent size that has been washed, or you wash thoroughly yourself to get rid of any lime or other elements (which should make it neutral PH) would do the same job.

You can use it in potting mixes that you create yourself, or to make a commercial potting mix more free draining (such as for alpines) or for adding to open soil, especially heavy clay soils, to open it up, improve aeration and drainage, and help break up the clay.

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There is also horticultural sand (CHECK ON AMAZON) – which is washed, graded, coarse sand – the nearest equivalent would be undyed play (the kind used in kid’s sandpits) or silver sand.

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Horticultural Grit

Where Can I Buy Horticultural Grit?

You can purchase horticultural grits on Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON), Walmart, or in your local farm supply store. Optionally, it is sometimes referred to as poultry grit – and is cheap too.

You might also go to your local stone/rock center and ask for granite grit for your garden. It is pretty much nothing but very small angular shaped stones – not pea gravel although if it is crushed that too could work.  It is just crushed stone.

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What is Horticultural Grit Made Of?

Horticultural grit is made of stones and sand – small stones about 2mm diameter. It is simply something hard grinded that makes the soil “gritty”, like crushed gravel, perlite, pumice, etc.

What Can I Use Instead of Horticultural Grit?

If you’re unable to locate horticultural sand online or at local stores, the next alternative would be to look for sharp sand, grit, or horticultural sand.

You can also substitute it with a coarse builders sand.

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