Hayward H100id Troubleshooting – SOLVED [SEE HOW]

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Check the power connections on the board of your Hayward H100. I have had a friend repair many of these over the years as a result of the cracks in the soldier connections on the pins. He has had to re-soldered to repair them. These issues often show up after the unit has started and warmed up though.

Hayward H100id Troubleshooting

The Hayward H100 features a diverter plate welded into the header that helps direct some of the water flowing thru into the heat exchanger to heat the water. Once the welder fails, you can interfere with that flow and cause overheating or poor flow thru the heater which in turn can lead to bigger issues.

Take out the inlet side hose when you block the water flow from the pool and you need to check the diverter in the inlet. If you can move it then it is broken and requires some fixing back in place or the whole heat exchanger needs replacement.

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Hayward H100id Troubleshooting

If the diverter is not moving then your issue is likely an overall water flow one and the next culprit might be the filter. Poor overall system flow may be enough to close the pressure switch telling the heater the pump is on but not enough to keep the water in the exchanger from becoming too hot.

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