Hayward Blue Essence 20 Vs Aquarite

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If your hayward blue essence has degraded in performance, it might be time to get another.

Lifespan of Hayward Blue Essence salt cell

To check the lifespan of your Hayward Essence salt cell, check the cell for the serial number, First digit is length of warranty followed by when it was manufactured.

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A Leslie’s Pool store nearest to you should be able to test it. However, if it has failed and still has warranty coverage, we advise you contact Hayward directly ASAP.

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Hayward Blue Essence 20 Vs Aquarite

Hayward Blue Essence 20 Vs Aquarite

The Blue Essence is basically an Aquarite with a T-5 cell. Aquarite is good too. So, either one you pick will do just fine.

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And no! The Blue Essence does not have UV or ozone feature. The one reference that mentions it online is incorrect. They only copied their information from a part of the Hayward site and that wss even poorly written.

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