Happy Bottom Pool Pad Vs Gorilla Pool Pad

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Happy Pool pad is a 1/4″ foam pad. Gorilla pad on the other hand is a fiber blend, kind of a super heavy duty 1/8″ thick landscaping cloth, but really tough.

They both perform great jobs but one is pricey than the other.

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Happy Bottom Pool Pad Vs Gorilla Pool Pad

My friend installed a Happy Bottom Pool pad (BUY ON AMAZON) and we swam in the pool after it was in. It features pieces have taped seams. It was an OK EXPERIENCE.

Personally, I use a Gorilla Pad (BUY ON AMAZON) on my pool last year after we have our last liner replacement and I’ve been impressed with it. It boasts of a one-piece construction, that is cut to fit your pool size, and feel thicker than the Happy Bottom.

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Happy Bottom Pool Pad Vs Gorilla Pool Pad

Gorilla Pad is made up of a thick-stretchy felt type material and it feels soooo nice on the bottom. Gorilla pad, wall foam and forma cover makes our pool more nicer, smooth and wonderful at the same time.

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