Gorilla Pool Pad Vs Sand Bottom Vs Happy Feet Bottom – LEARN MORE!

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Just got a pool and looking to do the bottom? Well, let’s help you decide!

Gorilla Pool Pad Vs Sand Bottom Vs Happy Feet Bottom

The biggest con of pool pads is that they are really thin. That means every lump, bump and rock under the pad will show through when the weight of the water is on it.

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Using a sand bottom is way better as it creates a smooth base for the pad. The problem with that is it takes so much time and effort to get the pads adjusted and taped into place and many footprints wind up in the sand. When the pool is full you see every one of them. When using sand, you would want a very thin layer of hard packed sand.

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If you rely completely on dirt then it could be an invitation for disaster. So smooth it out and compact the sand. Sand alone will be compacted once the water is in and makes a nice hard bottom. The pad will be a bit softer and, in my opinion, will be prone to puncture.

Gorilla Pool Pad Vs Sand

The best jobs I have used Gorilla pool and Happy Feet bottom pads have been either in pools or on concrete that have shown up for a couple of years.

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When I’m not using a sand base or pool pad, I use the 4 x 8 sheets of Styrofoam. A foam base, anywhere from 1-2 inches thick, and performed pool cove around the edge makes it an ideal pool bottom. It is easy to get smooth and super comfortable on the feet.

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