Goat Dandruff and Hair Loss – DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT

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Goat dandruff is also known as scurf is a case of very bad dry skin on your herd. Dry skin on goat ears, shoulders, belly and other areas on the skin is a good indicator of dandruff in goats.

How to get rid of Goat Dandruff

  • Black Sunflower seeds, Loose Minerals & Shampoo

You should try adding some black sunflower seeds into your feeding program. It helps to add in more oil to the skin and coat, therefore causing it to shine more.

Parasites as you know cause the hair to lose condition and so will biting/sucking mites and lice. Plus, offer a good loose mineral mix free choice to provide your goats with trace mineral requirements which will do a lot for hair coat and general body condition as well.

The BOSS will add enough fat to the diet which is where great hair begins from inside. The loose minerals are HIGHLY important, especially minerals for cattle or horses rather than the basic sheep and goat mineral which does not provide ENOUGH for goats!

I use a loose mineral mix that contains zinc. I prefer using conditioner’s over shampoos and rinsing the goat very thoroughly. You may want to use a vinegar rinse to make certain you do not dry the skin out further from leaving residue on the hair.

  • Iodine Supply

Iodine imbalance caused by either too much or not enough iodine can lead to scurf(dandruff). You can test for iodine deficiency by painting the fleshy part of the tail with an iodine tincture. If it disappears quickly then your goat is iodine deficient.

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You can get iodine into your farm animal by feeding seaweed/kelp meals. The usual mineral blocks you buy in farm supply places usually aren’t enough for goats because their metabolism is much faster than sheep.

Most licks are labelled to be safe for goats, but if they are also meant to be used by sheep, then there is nowhere near enough copper (lack of which can interfere with the uptake of other trace minerals).

If you must get any other salt lick, better to pick one that is made specifically for deer, as their mineral needs are closer to goats’, or better yet a loose lick designed for goats.

There are two loose licks I can recommend:

  • One from Essential Nutrition LTd and the other from]
  • Aackland Chemical

To help quicken the process of recovery, feed flaked linseed or crushed linseed (the fresher the better) alongside black oil sunflower seeds, as both make the coat and skin better.

Biotin, available in powder form, is also good for this as well as hooves.

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If adding to troughs, remember do not add too much as too much is bad.

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Goat Dandruff and Hair Loss

  • Mange

Mange can also cause flaky skin, but it also causes hair loss. Have a good loose deer mineral out and fresh at all times.

You should consider offering some mineral max (it is a blue-coloured gel-like substance that is not dosed for goats but you can dose according to weight). It is available from livestock supply companies online.

It stains! So be careful with it and keep it stored in your fridge. Get some zinc picolinate capsules from a reputable health food store in your area and drop a couple in the grain or attempt to get them to take some other way.

  • Check for Mites and Lice

To check for lice, part the hair and look for any evidence. You’re looking to see them or their eggs along the topline or other areas. For mites, you’d need good magnifying glass to see those suckers!

You should buy permethrin sprays and bags of dust at your local feed store and apply on to the goat’s hair, so no worries about wormers.

To treat a goat kid dandruff on the skin, feed them a little grain with flax seed oil, or borage oil on top (3-4 tablespoons for first two weeks) then 1-2 tablespoons for a month or so. Great for their health and their dry skin.

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If it is just dry skin, and not mange or dandruff, you can add black oil sunflower seeds to their regular feed. You can also mix in some vitamin E oil – or just squeeze the vitamin gel things into their mouths.

Then continue feeding your goat about a half cup of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds every day. It is high in fat and will really help her skin and coat.

Goat mites can cause itchy dry skin and prolonged scratching and rubbing, leading to hair loss.

Signs of Hair Mites on Goats

  • Broken skin
  • Weeping sores
  • Dry, scurfy, scaly skin
  • Crusty and scabby skin
  • Callused skin
  • Hot reddened patches

Best Goat Dandruff Shampoo

Here are some of the best goat dandruff shampoos on the market:

  • Mane & Tail


Originally developed for horses, this goat shampoo will leave their hair very clean and shiny, especially when followed up by the conditioner of the same brand.

  • Johnson Baby Shampoo


This is an excellent choice as well.

Best Goat Dandruff Conditioner

  • M-T-G


This topical conditioner works well – but it is a band-aid and does not “fix” the dry skin. Make sure the affected animal gets enough copper and vitamin A, D, and E paste.

  • Children Lice Conditioner

Using a mild children’s lice conditioner to bathe her will relieve the scratching.

Some goats are extremely sensitive to lice and have a big reaction to just a few.

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