Gay Rooster Mystery Explained!

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Are you thinking you have a gay rooster since he’s got the posture, the crow, yet still gets mounted, sits on eggs and may sometimes even lay some? Well, you may be right.

There is an explanation for such a case.

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Gay Rooster Mystery Explained!

Your bird might be Intersex. An intersex rooster will display ambiguous secondary sexual traits or characteristics and behaviors and may behave “odd”.

Parakeets are a bird that are well known for liking the same gender, and I guess since chickens are birds, it’s not too different.

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I do understand its not too common in the chicken world. Hence, why you may be shocked to see some immature male chickens mating with other male roosters.

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Gay Rooster

Let a gay cockerel get lucky himself just once, and in my observations his opinions about other cockerels will change in a heartbeat.

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It is truly Rare to have a long-term gay rooster. This is unlike the sheep world where about 15% of rams are gay.

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