21 Ideas! Free Tree Removal In Exchange For Wood

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Do you want your tree removed without you having to pay for the services?

This is very possible although it’s not very often that you may get the offer of having your trees removed for free.

There are a few options that you can check out the may most likely work out for you.


One of such options you can consider is getting your trees removed and giving wood in exchange for this service.

Depending on the location, size and difficulties encountered, tree removal can be so expensive.

On most occasions, there is no way to get around the exorbitant price of having your trees removed, but on some rare occasions, this can be achieved without having to pay anything.

This article will be very beneficial to you if you do not want to pay anything for having your trees removed.

How To Get Your Trees Removed For Free

Some of the methods you can implore to get your trees removed for free include:

Sought After Trees:

You can have your trees removed for free if you have a tree that is being sought after. For instance, palm trees, having a palm tree that is sought for will even afford you the opportunity of getting paid and having the tree removed as well.

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Trees on City Land

Another reason you may get your trees removed for free is if your tree is on city land, they will come and have the tree removed at no price to you.

Timber for Removal:

It all boils down to the kind of Timber you have, if it is really good and can be used in making furniture, you can strike a deal with any lumber company to come to get the timbers removed from your home for free, the lumber company after removing the timbers sell the wood at a price to furniture companies.

Some of the species of timber that may be of interest to these lumber companies include:

  • The oakwood
  • Rosewood
  • Tulipwood
  • Kingwood
  • Black cherry wood
  • Western red cedar etc.

The good thing about this deal is that you will not only get your tree removed for free but you may get paid for it as well.

Trees Used for Landscaping

Some trees are great for landscaping and if you have gotten one of those species of trees used for landscaping in your home or garden, then contacting companies for removing these trees for free won’t be a bad bargain.

Trees Close to Power Lines:

Another method of having your tree cut down for free is if your tree is located close to a power line, if it is, the tree can be caught down for free by the power company.

Have the Tree Removed Yourself

Another method is to have the trees removed yourself, take cautious and preventive measures before you embark on cutting trees yourself, as this method could be dangerous if not properly and prepared for adequately.

Things to check out for before embarking on any tree removal experience include the tree size, the tree should not be taller than 15 feet, if it is, forget about felling it.

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Having Your Trees Removed for Free in Exchange For Wood

To have your trees removed in exchange for wood won’t be easy without getting a pro to have it done.

Rules are guiding the removal of trees and someone that is not professional won’t be able to achieve this without causing one issue or the other.

But there are rare cases where you can get your trees removed for free and in exchange for wood and these cases are:

Woods that have good values

If the wood’s value is high and it does not smoke a lot when burnt, and if it doesn’t burn out quickly, then lumberjack companies may consider coming to cut it down for free, but if the wood of the tree is not of good quality, they won’t take the chances of cutting it down for free.

Some woods that are of quality and can produce good woods for the fire include:

  • Fruit trees
  • Maple woods
  • Oaktree
  • Birch tree etc.

The Number of Trees in your Garden or Home:

Another thing that might influence lumberjack to cut down trees for free is the number of trees you have got in your garden or home.

Cutting down a tree can be quite expensive and no lumberjack will go through such expenses for just a single tree no matter how valuable the tree might turn out to be.

Free Tree Removal In Exchange For Wood

Who Will Cut Down Trees For Free?

If you search hard enough, there are one or two companies that may be willing to take you up on your offer of cutting down your trees for free.

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Although this opportunity is rare, it is doable.

Are There Any Free Tree Removal Companies Out There?

The answer is No. There are no free tree removal companies anywhere, the best you can get is to get your tree removed in exchange for woods and this is still very much dependent on the fact that your tree must be of good quality and should be many in numbers and worth the expenses the company will be undertaking to fell these trees…

if not, just forget about looking for any company that will fell a tree for free, because there simply are not such companies.

Can Someone Else Pay For My Tree Removal?

The answer to this question is yes, there are situations where someone can decide to pay the necessary fees required to fell trees.

In some instances, the Government can pay for it, but this is solely dependent on the city and area you are occupying.

Additionally, to aid farmers in carrying out their farmer’s duties, there are some tree removal grants just for them.

Another group of people that may likely get their trees removed for free is elderly or senior citizens as they are fondly called, but it is very rare to see such opportunities.


Having a tree grow in your house that is not wanted or that is causing damage to your house can cause a lot of anxieties. coupled with the fact that to get a professional company to come and fell these trees can be quite exorbitant.

That is why you should take your time to look into other viable options if you can’t feel the trees yourself.

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