GUIDE – Framed Vs Frameless Shower Door vs Semi-Framed

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Framed shower door can be dated to years back, where old housed make you of it, being the first generation engineering ear. It always has glass panels with metal rails slides; known, then, for original bathrooms.

Although, this style is still in vogue now, due to its stylish choice and uniqueness, on a new level. Which is the frameless shower doors. The modern made shower doors wear a contemporary outfit and absence of metal rails.

The type of glass used for both the framed and frameless shower doors is temper in nature, styled with various glasses, aesthetic openings, and coats against watermarks, as leaks are prevented. However, the question of which to choose unveils; keep reading for more info.

Framed Vs Frameless Shower Door

Before speaking about these two variations of shower doors, you need to know that they possess some commonalities.

You can have them both in several designs, a different mode of opening doors can be caulked, and protectively coat as well.

On the comparison note, it is worthy to note that the frameless shower door is pricey on the market than the framed ones. Installation process and complex for the frameless shower door, compared to the other.

Frameless shower doors are usually uneasy to install based on the fact that they are heavier than the frame, their thickness helps to create enough support since there is no frame around them.

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Still weighing these two, the frameless shower has a task installation process because you will have to accurately place the glass booth by the wall and on the floor, before making use of the clips. To avoid severe damage, afterward.

As for the framed shower door, you get to enjoy an easy carry, and lightweight, making it evenly divided with the frame. Attaching the framed shower door to both the wall and the floor is pretty cool and easy.

The frameless door does not need too much maintenance because of the protective glass coating, also called watermark, which guides against watermarks, compared to the framed shower door. Notwithstanding, no big deal even if both had this feature.

For cleaning and maintenance, exposure to water is known for shower door frames, unlike the frameless doors where you need not stress yourself because none exists.

In case little breakages or cracks occur, the framed shower door can be easily fixed that the frameless, since its panels are not frame-separated but silicone-separated.

The framed shower doors got a higher odd of rusting, while the frameless is not exempted. Frameless shower doors are likely to be affected as well on either the sliding rods, the hinges, or the mounting clips (however, all these are designed a little smaller than those on the framed).

Lastly, on the aesthetics; the contemporary styled frameless shower door gives an overflowing river a joy than the framed. With a small bathroom set up, anyone will hardly notice.

An illusion of space rather than a bathroom would be created for anyone that sees the frameless shower door from afar. On the other hand, the frames doors are ideal for a vintage décor styled bathroom. Which does not mean light would not penetrate as well, since is it also made in glass.

Framed Vs Frameless Shower Door

What Is A Framed Glass Shower Door?

Around the edges of a framed glass shower door will find aluminum frames of heavy-duty-like nature which is nice to have for your bathroom.

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You might choose it as your next upgrade from the shower curtain, of which you are set to enjoy a crispy and clean look from both the interior and exterior, unlike shower curtains.


A framed glass shower door, which is not as sophisticated as the frameless, can be purchased between a few bucks, $400 to $1,100;


  • Easy to install
  • Light in weight
  • Not as pricey as other kinds of shower doors
  • Less difficult to attach to both wall and the floor
  • Simple replacing process

Cons Of Framed Glass Shower Doors

  • One-way opening
  • Thin glass
  • Prone to weakness

What Is A SemiFramed Shower Door?

A semi-framed shower door is like intertwining both the frameless shower along with the framed shower door, still dishing out a metallic frame in the interior, which greases your feeling with modernity.


At an estimated price, a semi-framed shower door can be purchased within the range of $500 to $1,550, excluding the installation fee which could cost at max, $1,000, and a minimum of $350.


  • It makes everywhere look spacious
  • A clearer view of the bathroom walls
  • Not so pricey
  • Varieties of designs to wet your preference

Cons Of Framed Glass Shower Door

  • The edges would likely have leakages
  • It can rust or become corrosive on time
  • Quite expensive compared to framed shower doors

What Is A Frameless Shower Door?

Just as the name describes, a frameless shower door does not have metal hardware. Unlike the framed doors which are designed with gold or silver look around the perimeters, the frameless shower doors are purely glass with some invisible holdings.


You can either purchase both the panel and door or one of them in a price wheel of $900 and $1300.


  • Made with weighty glass
  • Metal support-free
  • Attractive look with great design
  • Less difficult for cleaning and maintenance
  • Several shapes and sizes available for personal choice

Cons Of Frameless Shower Doors

  • Pricier than the framed shower doors
  • Sophisticated tools are needed for installation
  • Close to shattering that the framed ones
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What Is A Semi-Frameless Shower Door?

This is a makeup of frameless glass edges and frames. The mental on it is not much compared to the framed shower door.

Asides from this, it can be made with 3/16 inches or ¼ inches solid and thick glass, based on the presence of some framing.


For a semi-frameless shower door, there is no definite price tag, but you can get the bypass (rolling or sliding) between $350 to $1,100, the pivot or hinged ranging between $300 to $850, and the bi-fold and neo-angle, $350 to $1,400.


  • Less difficult installation process
  • An upgraded and latest outlook
  • Well-fitted edges for smooth cleaning
  • Made in numerous designs to fit your pocket and preference
  • It does not get rusty easily

Cons Of Semi-Frameless

  • Due to the insufficient seals, leakage is possible
  • Pricey because of its thick glass

Are Framed Shower Doors Outdated?

Framed shower doors wear an old-time look when used in a modernly-made bathroom. That does not mean people do not use, they do, till now, but as time flies, change is constant.

Besides, it is not as pricey as the frameless, while it has some not exciting features that keep its head up in its terrain as well.

Hence, framed shower doors are not outdated. A new generation of upgraded designs to fit modern houses are now on market.

How Much Does A Frameless Shower Door Cost?

The cost of a frameless shower door varies since there are various sizes out there; however, do hold between $400 to $1,800 to purchase your preference.

Is A Frameless Shower Door Worth It?

Be rest assured that your money is not going down the drain if you purchase a frameless shower door. This is because it easily channels water out of the bathroom, without causing mold or an amount of mildew.

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