Flocking A Pool with A Cartridge Filter IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS!

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Flocking/Flocculant is a chemical that you add to your pool to clean it up when others fail.

The flocculants work by gathering all floating particles in the water that are too small and light to sink to the bottom to be vacuumed up. Particles like algae spores, viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic debris.

Once you pour in the floc in the swimming pool, it attracts all the microscopic particles and clumps them together into one big chunk, making it so heavy that they sink to the bottom of the pool, where either it will be sucked toward the filter or you can vacuum it up with your pool cleaner.

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Flocking A Pool with A Cartridge Filter

Does your system have a “no waste” diversion? Then this guide is for you.

  • Open your filter enclosure
  • Remove the filter cartridge
  • Next, close your inlet valve (I have dual valves), and then open your drain line.
  • Start your pump and it will be in vacuum to waste mode. Whatever you vacuum will be sucked out and deposited via your drain line.

Flocking A Pool with A Cartridge Filter

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How to Floc Your Pool Yourself

  • To raise floc levels, do this:
  • Raise the liquid levels
  • Then make the pH level balanced to about 7.0
  • Next, dilute the flocculant
  • Now, add the flocculant to the pool
  • Next, allow the pool run for some hours
  • Turn the pump off and let set overnight. …
  • Set the filter valve to “waste”
  • Turn on the pump.
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Can I Use Floc with A Cartridge Filter?

Yes, you can although floc will gum up your cartridge if you cannot vacuum to waste. Plus, the floc may fail to fall out overnight, needing many vacuumings to get it all out of the pool.

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Can You Filter Flocculant?

Flocculants clump together particles and keep them suspended in the water so you can easily filter them out.

Can You Backwash A Cartridge Filter?

Cartridge Pool filters can only be manually cleaned by hand when they’re dirty as they cannot be backwashed. That is because they were not built for reverse water flow.

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Will Floc Clear A Cloudy Pool?

Pool floc binds particles (and dead algae) that makes the water cloudy together and sinks to the bottom of your pool so you can with ease vacuum out the cloudy mess.

What’s the Difference Between Flocculants and Pool Clarifiers?

Both Pool flocculants and Pool Clarifiers are coagulants, however, flocculants takes less time to work as compared to clarifiers but clarifiers require less work than flocculants..

Flocculants works almost immediately but clarifier can take several days to completely clear up your cloudy pool.

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