HOW TO FIX Intex Plunger Valve Leaking

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Is your intex plunger valve leaking? Then it’s probably just an O-ring. You could check a rebuild kit on amazon (SEE HERE)  or just buy an O-ring that fits.

How to Fix Intex Plunger Valve Leaking

You should re-seat the outlet to the return jet by pushing it down and working fine the gasket.

The leaks with 16x 48 intex ultra are quite common. We also recommend using a fitting to connect directly to the pool.

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Intex Plunger Valve Leaking

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While draining the pool to get the water line below the return level, you can take a large piece of saran wrap (any plastic wrap would work) and covered the return jet on the inside of the pool then remove the plunger valve and re-seat the o-ring while maintaining the water level in the pool.

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