Fire Extinguisher for Pool Chemicals – Which & Where to Buy

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The ONLY chemical that should be used to extinguish a chlorine-fueled fire is WATER. WATER, WATER, WATER. I believe the general rule is that 100 gallons of water should be used for every pound of calcium hypochite in a fire. Additionally, chlorine GAS and other chlorine-containing gases will be released, all of which are extremely toxic.

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While the term “pool chemicals” encompasses a wide variety of chemical compounds, the most concerning is chlorine.

Or, more precisely, calcium hypochlorite, sodium dichloro-isocyanurate, or trichloro-isocyanurate.

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These chlorine compounds are not flammable, but they act as oxidizers, intensifying any combustible fuel and causing an exothermic reaction when combined with other chemicals (in other words they generate heat).

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Fire Extinguisher for Pool Chemicals

All commonly used fire extinguisher chemicals either react with chlorine compounds or are ineffective altogether.

Typically, pool chemicals are stored in pool equipment rooms. The only type of fire extinguisher permitted in areas containing oxidizers, such as swimming pool chemicals, is a water-based extinguisher.

Dry chemical multipurpose fire extinguishers shall not be installed in areas that contain oxidizers.

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