Fiber Optic Pool Lighting Troubleshooting in 7 EASY Steps!

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First, are you sure they’re not lighting? I know that is an absurd or rather dumb question to ask, but it can be harder to see light display during daylight. When it’s really dark out there, you will be able to tell they’re on.

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Fiber Optic Pool Lighting Troubleshooting

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Fiber Optic Pool Lighting Troubleshooting

  • Be prepared! Check the fixture at the site of the fiber optic lighting.
  • Next, find the breaker box for the pool lighting system.
  • Now, flip the primary power supply switch to the “Off” position and open the breaker box panel.
  • Take a look at the breaker box and see if it is dry or wet. A wet box means the protective gasket has broken and will need to be replaced. If dry, simply turn on the breaker power and follow the next step.
  • Pull out the breaker itself so you have access to the wiring behind.
  • Power on your multimeter and set the main dial to “Continuity Test.”
  • Touch the red lead of the multimeter to the white wire running to the breaker and the black lead of the multimeter to the black wire. Wait for the meter to produce a reading. If it does, that means there is continuity and the wiring is okay. If it doesn’t produce a reading, the wiring is likely faulty and will need replacing.
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That is how to fix a faulty fiber optic pool lighting system!

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