2019-2022 Evolution Golf Cart Reviews – Pros, Cons & MORE

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If you are wondering between Evolution Golf cart and the likes of Club Car, Yamaha and Ez-Go, the best one to purchase, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the evolution of Golf carts, their pros and cons, and everything we think is essential to know about Evolution Golf carts.

Evolution carts have become very prevalent in the United States after gaining success in the Asia Pacific markets.

The evolution Golf cart is worth considering because it is made with modern design, has various features and is affordable, just within the same price range as other carts brand that is popular.

Pros of Evolution Golf Carts

Some benefits associated with having evolution Golf carts include:

  • Efficiency, high-quality electric car
  • Gentler to use on your lawn than other heavy-duty vehicles
  • Enough storage space to transfer tools and materials
  • The evolution Golf carts are environmentally friendly; you can use them without fear of the vehicle emitting harmful things to the society
  • Best for traveling across large properties
  • They can be used on and off golf courses.
  • Capable of holding a decent amount of speaking out on the road
  • They require less maintenance than their gas counterparts.
  • long-lasting battery that can take you up to 100 miles driving

Cons Of Evolution Golf Carts

Like with anything, if there is an advantage, there is also a disadvantage; some cons of evolution Golf carts include:

  • It is costly
  • Battery issues this is more frequent as your cart tends to get older; an older cart’s battery is more prone to corrosion than that of a new one. But the good news is that the battery is easily replaceable, although a bit expensive.
  • The broken solenoid and the solenoid provide the needed power to get the vehicle up and running.
  • Faulty direction switch as a result of wear and tear
  • Burned out motors

Evolution Golf Cart Reviews

Who Owns Evolution Golf Carts?

An evolution Golf cart is owned by evolution electric vehicles; their parent company is HDK electricals.

Their headquarters in the United States is located in Corona, California.

The CEO of Evolution Electric Vehicles is the owner of Evolution Golf Carts.

Is Evolution a Good Golf Cart Brand?

Yes. They are known for developing top and sophisticated golf carts that will give some biggest golf brand names a run for their money.

Evolution Golf carts are well built with style, design, and functionality in mind; they are trusted to deliver state-of-the-art range golf carts. They have an office located in Corona, California, in the United States.

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You can use the Golf Carts for different purposes even apart from using them on the golf course.

How Much Does an Evolution Cart Cost?

Evolution Golf carts are amongst the most expensive golf carts you can purchase today.

Their prices can be compared to some other top Golf carts manufacturers like the Yamaha and the Ez-Go.

You can purchase popular evolution models from $8,000 and above

To purchase an evolution Golf cart brand new, you should have up to $9,000 and above, and this is only for the evolution classic two pro.

Like every other Golf cart, their prices differ from the models.

For instance, Evolution Classic classic 2plus, four-plus, and carrier 6plus are priced way above $10,000.

As you can see, it is quite an expensive cart, but it is worth every penny you use in purchasing it.

Where Are Evolution Golf Carts Made?

The evolution cart itself is coupled in Chino, California, but the parts that the evolution Golf cart comprises are manufactured in Xinyang in China.

After experiencing success in Asian-Pacific markets, they brought the company to the United States.

The parent company HDK electricals manufactures the metal and plastic components of the evolution Golf carts.

Some other components like the speed controller, the onboard charging system by Lester and Curtis instruments were all developed in Chino, California, in the United States.

The evolution Golf carts are manufactured in Xinyang China but coupled together in the United States of America.

How Fast Is an Evolution Golf Cart?

Evolution cart is faster than every other Golf cart currently in the market; they can reach a maximum speed of 25mph in five seconds from zero.

20mph is the maximum top speed of different electric cars, but the evolution Golf carts boast 25mph as their maximum speed.

This evolution Golf carts can hold a decent speed away from the golf course as well.

If you have any interest in using your golf cart on and off the golf course, then consider purchasing the evolution Golf carts.

What Goes Wrong With Electric Golf Carts?

Just like every other Golf cart, electric golf carts have got their problems; we will be listing out some below and also how to go about tackling these problems

  1. Batteries: the primary root cause of problems in any cart is the battery; it is the most fundamental problem many carts face. Using a voltmeter will determine how much of your battery is depleted; the cart may lack the charge required to start if the battery goes a long time without charging.

Another thing that can weaken the battery is the of your cart. To get your battery in good shape, you will need to keep the water level enough to cover the conducting plate.

Charge your cart after every use; doing so will aid you in prolonging your battery’s life.

  • Solenoids break down:

Another thing to consider that is the problem with an electric golf cart is the solenoid developing fault.

The solenoid is responsible for carrying electric current; when engaging your accelerator, the solenoid makes a clicking sound showing all is well; once you stop hearing the clicking sound after engaging your accelerator and your cart no longer starts up, then check for loss wires, corrosion or a broken coil. If the problem persists, please take your cart to a professional for them to fix your solenoids.

  • Another major problem with electric golf carts is the ignition issues.

This is as a result of wear and tear, and it is also mainly due to your carts age when the wires break or get more out with time; consider having the wires replaced, but if the wires are still good, then try to check the if the wires are connected securely between the battery and the switch and the wires have not come undone.

  • Speed controller:

the speed controller is responsible for speed management in your golf cart; if your golf cart can no longer maintain speed or keep a steady acceleration, then consider taking your carts for speed controller repairs.

  • Direction switch:

the direction switch helps you in choosing the direction you want your golf cart to go, either forward or in reverse; it is one of those used parts in a golf cart, so it is likely more prone to wear and tear if your direction switch is faulty you will need to have it change for your golf cart to work correctly.

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How Do You Make An Evolution Golf Cart Go Faster?

To make an already fast cart faster will require you to replace an existing motor with a higher-speed one.

If you have the money to spend, then consider upgrading the torque of your electric motor; this is not cheap as it will most likely cost over a thousand dollars($10,000).

You can also consider replacing your speed control as well; this can also. Increase the speed of your cart to 20mph.

Some other steps that will help increase your carts speed include:

  • Keep your cart’s battery always charged; running your carts on less power will cause them to slow down considerably. To keep your battery charged, ensure you charge them after each usage.
  • Check your vehicle’s specifications and keep your carts tires pressured; your carts tire will slow down your speed if it is not inflated correctly.
  • Keep regular maintenance of your golf carts, service them regularly, check and fix faults; when you fo this, your cart will stay in top shape.
  • Please make sure the speed sensor of your carts is functioning correctly; the speed sensor is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of your carts. The speed sensor works by calculating the carts speed and the level of electricity needed to keep running at that speed.
  • Make sure your forward and reverse switch is functioning as it should. This switch is responsible for your cart moving either forward or reversing and if it is malfunctioning or will invariably slow down your vehicle.
  • Upgrade your golf cart motor to increase your carts speed, invest in torque having more significant could that produces a large magnetic field and a large armateur holding capacity that will invariably lead to producing more incredible speed.

Are There Any Evolution Golf Cart Owners Forum?

You can find at least four evolution golf cart owners forum that is internet-based, and their sole focus is on evolution carts and their owners.

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It will be wise to research and be very understable to ask owners of evolution golf carts their experiences in using the carts before purchasing your own.

This is why most of these forums are established; they have a wealth of information that you will find helpful about evolution golf carts.

Some of these forums are:

  • The Evolution Cart Thread on Hackers Paradise
  • Evolution Forrester Golf Carts Forum On Buggies Gone Wild
  • Evolution Golf Cart Forum On Facebook
  • Talk Of The Village Evolution Cart Forum

You can also get helpful information by going through the FAQs on the evolution website.

How To Make Electric Cart Go Faster Without Upgrading

Making your carts go faster without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars is a plus no?.

Here are some tips you can implore in getting your electric car to move a little faster without doing any upgrade, and they are:

  • Wash your carts properly, first tend to have the habits of building inside a vehicle and not only on the outside, having dirt inside various gears and other areas of your carts will affect the speed of your cart, so it is essential always to wash your cart every time you go out with it, doing this will help increase the speed.
  • Examine the terminals of your carts and, using a bristle brush, get rid of corrosion that has gotten too thick to get rid of using just a cloth.
  • Do not forget to refill your battery water; the cart battery loves water. To ensure they run smoothly and correctly, make sure you carefully water the golf battery array from time to time without having proper water; your battery will end up performing poorly after getting too hot. Note only use distilled water to refill your battery, not tap water, as this contains some minerals that may likely react badly with your battery.
  • Always check your gas pedals and ensure nothing obstructs them from proper operation. The gas pedal is essential as it is used for speed control in your cart.
  • Another thing is to lighten the weight on your cart, remove anything in the compartment of weight that may likely weigh down your carts.

Why Golf Carts Are Expensive?

You may be wondering why golf carts are expensive to purchase; some reasons why they are pretty expensive to include:

  • The reason why Golf carts are made is simply because of luxury, and they are designed for a particular purpose.
  • Golf designs make them easy to be changed up in ways that suit the owner’s preferences; for instance, if you have the money, you can change up some parts and make some upgrades to your vehicle that fits your needs. Making additional changes to your golf cart will cost more money because buying parts of a golf cart doesn’t come cheap.
  • Golf parts are not cheap because their design is of very high quality; when you purchase parts made from metal and aluminum makes the price goes up. This is only applicable depending on the type of cart you are driving.

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