Equalizer Hitch Review – MY EXPERIENCE

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If you check on the product page description, you would agree with me that it doesn’t really say much on what you will be getting so I have decided to inform you on the important details I have discovered before you make your purchase.

Equalizer Hitch Review

  • Accessories & Unit

The hitch comes complete except for the ball. Your order will arrive with the hitch, a shank, and the 1200 lb weight distributing bars.

It is shipped in two packages

  • First one features bars
  • The second one contains the shank, hitch head, and hardware.

The shank is ideal for my Tow vehicle/Trailer combo. I own an F250 4X4 diesel and my trailer is a Keystone passport 290bh.

This shank should be right about 3-4 inches of difference in direction if you level your trailer parallel to the ground and measure to the top of the ball coupler and then measure from the ground to the top of your receiver opening on your truck.

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These dual measurements should be within 4 inches for this shank to work.


  • The Ball

The ball is recommended to be used along with the hitch on Amazon’s works great. It is the Curt Manufacturing 40041 2 5/16” Raw Trailer Ball.

If you’d prefer not to this ball, simply make sure the shaft diameter of the ball you get is 1 1/4″ and the shaft length is no longer than 2 5/8″.

The ball should be torqued to 450-foot pounds.

  • The Hitch

There have been some complaints by people that hitch can be noisy. I have had no issues with this so far because I followed the instructions for lubrication and lubricated the sockets on the hitch with bearing grease.

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I have found it to be more quieter than my old Reese weight distributing hitch with chains and no sway control.

  • Setup

Setup is quite quick and easy too. I found them to be very clear and concise. I read and did all instructions and ended up with a perfect level camper and a tow vehicle with the correct front wheel well height on the first attempt.

I spent plenty of time reading and understanding what I needed to do, but it probably only took about an hour once I started turning wrenches to have a perfectly setup hitch.

  • Performance

The hitch performed way beyond I expected. It was a windy day when we towed our camper home from a recent trip and there was no sway at all.

  • Other Thoughts

I picked this hitch over competition one because of it’s great reputation and is widely recognized as being able to control sway on long trailers like ours.

The Reese Dual Cam was also a strong contender and I cannot really comment on it. There were some reviews that did suggest it might be getting harder to setup with one user mentioning using feeler gages to get the cams in the perfect position.

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equalizer hitch review

Equalizer Hitch Vs Weight Distribution

The Equal-L-izer, and Reese Strait-Line weight distribution systems both offer systems that provide the highest quality service for you, but I typically tend to lean towards the Equal-i-zer systems for a couple of reasons:


  • Easy setup
  • Does not need any drilling to install on most trailers
  • It offers the maximum amount of ground clearance because the frame brackets mount around the frame rather than below the frame like the Dual Cam sway control of the Strait-Line system. Also, the setup is pretty straight forward.

The Strait-Line system can take some fine-tuning to make sure it is set up for maximum effectiveness.

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