HONEST EcoJet Pool Cleaners Reviews

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Personally, I do not own an ecojet but I have invited my neighbor who does and she has agreed to share her experience with us.

I have a Jet Max Jr, a similar machine but without the fancy Eco friendly part. The issue with Eco friendly macines is that as soon as they touch the water, you will be unable to return them. I also have a Polaris 9300 which I use for some days, but when I really want my pool sparkling, I use the Jet Max. It simply filters the water so well, and it does it better than the pool filter. The Jet Max Jr does climb a slanty wall but is unsable to do a 90-degrees wall, like the Ecojet Pool cleaner.

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I recommend getting the Polaris 9300 – a great machine, decent price instead .

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EcoJet Pool Cleaners Reviews

Hello Everyone, my name is Elizabeth and I’m happy to share my experience.

The Ecojet cleans fine but the parts can be hard to get. Also, it does not climb the walls in shallow areas. It’s either get stuck or doesn’t move at all. So, you might want to manually brush the walls in such areas once in a while.

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If you are concerned about the climbing then you should consider getting the more expensive models EcoJet Plus and EcoJet Pro since they do a better job of climbling, but I don’t necessarily think they are worth the extra money. Instead, pick a Polaris 9300 instead (cheaper and more energy efficient).

EcoJet Pool Cleaners Reviews

Aside that, I’d say its been doing good so far. The parts are hard to replace and cost quite a bit though.

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