Easy DIY Goat Repellents that Works – PROTECT YOUR GARDEN!

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Goats prefer to browse more than graze. That means they’d opt to feast on woody stems and shoots of shrubs and trees (including the flowering plants in your garden) over grasses like hay. This makes them more closely related to deer than to other domestic livestock such as cattle, donkey, and sheep which are all grazers.

Today, we’d be showing you some goat repellents that worked for us and how you too can make it work for you.

Easy DIY Goat Repellents that Works

When left on their own, goats will pretty much try everything – as they love variety of things.

Spray Deterrent for goats

  • Electric Fence

Electric fence works very well for goats but ensure it is a sturdy one that does not have enough gap for goats to pass their head through.


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Goats, like any animal, will test the fences. If it fails or has a weakness, they’ll try to hard to find it. We use a 6-foot high fences for ours. We recommend getting a good quality electric fence that is 32-36 inches high. That will also prevent them from standing on your car.

Another solution is to use woven wire fence with 4” x 4” openings (CHECK ON AMAZON). The woven wire costs more than the welded one but it is far more durable. My neighbor’s goat fence is 4’ high and that is enough to contain their goats as far as they don’t find something nearby to climb on.

They also use electric tape to encourage other bigger animals to respect the fence. For instance, horses can place a large amount of pressure on fence posts but their goats so far seem to be happy with their pasture.

I did advise them to use step-in posts with electric netting and a sufficiently powerful solar charger if they want to keep them off a particular area and it worked well for them.

  • Motion Activated Sprinkler

If you’re close to a sufficient water source then I recommend using a motion activated sprinkler. This works really well. The best part is that they’re solar powered, so you won’t be needing electricity.

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It works great for gardens and such.

  • Fresh Cattle Poop

You should try adding fresh goat or cow dung on leaves. The repulsive odor keeps the goats away from them.

To prepare this spray deterrent for goats, just mix fresh poop with water and shake well in a spray bottle.

However, you should check the kind of plant before spraying it as the dung might harm the leaves of some plant species.

  • Wire Mesh

Another cheap method of protecting your trees and garden plants from goats is using wire mesh (CHECK ON AMAZON) to cover the trees. Simply use rolls of wire window screen netting or hardware cloth to cover the bottom 5-10 feet of the trees.

Install the netting far enough up the tree so that the goat is unable to climb up the tree with its front legs to reach the exposed bark or leaves.

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How To Stop Goats From Eating Plants

Aside using all the method, we have shared above you might consider getting Repels-All natural repellent (CHECK ON AMAZON).

This repellent is produced from a mixture of putrid egg, cloves, dried blood, fish oil, and other foul-smelling stuff. Its 100% natural, safe, and said to be organic so you don’t need to be scared while using it. Goats don’t like this smell!

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We do recommend wearing some thick gloves before using it though so the foul odor does not stick to your skin.

How To Keep Goats Away From Trees

You can use cayenne pepper (BUY ON AMAZON) to repel goats from trees. Wrap the trunks with chicken wire after spraying it unless your goats can strip the bark and kill the trees in one day.

How To Keep Neighbors Goats Out Of Your Yard

Use step-in posts alongside electric netting and a well-made solar charger. Also, try applying fresh goat dung or cow feces on leaves. Goats dislike this odor and will stay away from your yard.

Goat Repellents

Will Goats Eat My Garden?

If accessible, goats will eat your garden, trees, carboards, clothes and many more. In fact, they will eat things you don’t want them to eat.

Do Goats Eat Roses?

Absolutely! True roses are safe and healthy for goats and these ruminant animals do love them. They love them

Is Lavender Good For Goats?

Goats prefer to avoid eating lavender plants. I guess it isn’t safe for them.

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