Dynatrap Replacement Bulbs & Where to Buy!

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No matter how much you love DynaTrap mosquito and bug traps, finding the right replacement bulbs might be more difficult than figuring out which models to buy! Different bulbs may even be used for traps that appear to be identical on the outside.

Which replacement bulb does my DynaTrap Mosquito Trap use?

The table below illustrates which DynaTrap mosquito or bug trap model requires which replacement bulb. Check the bulb specifications and th

e product description twice before making a purchase.

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Trap Models


Bulb Model # and Description

DT0500IN, DT1000 31050 – 4W UV replacement bulb
DT250IN, DT300IN, DT1000-12V, DT1050, DT1100, DT1125, DT1200, DT1210, DT1250, DT1260 41050 – 7W UV replacement bulb
DT2000XL, DT2000XLP, DT3012 32050 – 6W UV replacement bulb (set of 2)
DT1750 and DT1775 43050 – 26W UV replacement bulb
DT3009, DT3019, DT3039
(FlyLight indoor traps)
21050 – 9W UV replacement bulb
DT3030 33500 – 15W UV replacement bulb (set of 2)
DT1120 41020 – 2.4W UV LED replacement bulb
(hard to find but rarely needs to be replaced.)

How often should I replace my DynaTrap bulbs?

Your bulbs should be replaced every 3,000 hours or around four months of use, according to the manufacturer. With an LED bulb, the DT1120 may not need to be replaced for many seasons of usage since it will survive considerably longer.

If your bulb burns out unexpectedly, we suggest having a spare bulb or set of bulbs available.

Dynatrap Replacement Bulbs

Where can I buy DynaTrap replacement bulbs?

DynaTrap replacement bulbs are available in most of the places that sell the items; however, many only offer the most popular ones. Amazon is a trustworthy online retailer with a large range of products to choose from. Open-box deals and hard-to-find products can be found on eBay.

The following DynaTraps do not have replacement bulbs:

  • ATRAKTA DT600 – ATRAKTA DT600 (Built-in 40,000 hour UV LED)
  • ST700 ATRAKTA (Built-in 40,000 hour UV LED)
  • A 1/4-acre outdoor trap (DT160) (Built-in 20,000 hour UV LED)
  • Ultralight DT150 – (Built-in fluorescent UV bulb)

For these mosquito traps, there is no way to change out the bulbs.

What Kind Of Bulb Does a DynaTrap use?

These 26W UV replacement bulbs for DynaTrap® models DT1750 and DT1775 keep your DynaTrap® functioning around the clock.

We recommend changing your bulbs every 3,000 hours for best efficiency (roughly every four months).

How Long Do DynaTrap Bulbs Last?

Each light bulb has a life expectancy of around four months or 3,000 hours. One 7-watt UV replacement light bulb is included in each replacement bulb box.

When should DynaTrap Bulbs Be Replaced?

Fresh and strong bulbs are required for the greatest results from DynaTrap® Fly and Insect Traps in order to keep attracting as many insects as possible.

Every 3,000 hours of use or about every four months, bulbs should be changed.

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