Drayton Motorised Valve Sticking on – HOW TO FIX

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Is your drayton motorised valve sticking on and you would like to Fix this? Read our guide on how to below.

Why is My Drayton Motorised Valve Sticking on and How to Fix this

First things first – ensure the valve spindle is moving freely. Since these valves close with the spring return and the spindle must be free to move. If you need to change the valve the body for any reason then you should go for Honeywell as a replacement. I very much doubt the culprit here is a wiring problem.

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To make sure the valve spindle is moving freely – try turning with your fingers. The spindle on this unit has limited sideways movement but a 20 degrees from open position to fully closed one should be able to sort things out. If it is hard and you need to use pliers then that only means that your spindle is seized.

WD 40 would not fix it well; try a silicon lubricant instead to get it moving freely again.

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If your unit is sticking then the actuator rather than the valve body is most likely to be the culprit.

Try this –

  • Remove the actuator head and attempt turning the spindle on the valve body that the actuator turns.
  • If you can’t easily move it with your fingers then you should change the valve.

However, sludge debris in your system could also be the cause of the valve sticking. So, consider this before changing the valve for a new one and discovering the issue wasn’t solved.

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If your water heats up to a very hot degree then the cylinder thermostat is the problem here. It is either just not working or is set up incorrectly. Depending on the age of your system you may not even have a cylinder stat and the temp of your water will then be crudely controlled by the boiler thermostatic output control.’

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drayton motorised valve sticking

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It’s most likely a wiring issue (if the Hive is working as it should and has been set up correctly). Have an expert have a look at it ASAP.

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