Dolphin M600 Pool Cleaner Review – [MY EXPERIENCE]

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The Dolphin M600 pool cleaner might not get to every nook and cranny but it scrubs the barstools, climbs walls, steps and even managed to handle the spa. From experience, anything that ends up in the bottom of our pool is gone by the end its cycle. The large leaf bag collects debris great too!


Dolphin M600 Pool Cleaner Review

We first got this unit in 2018 to replace our 5 year old Pentair Legend that came with our new pool. The Pentair worked well by focusing on the pressure side of the pool and did a fantastic job of vacuuming debris/sand, but I was on the lookout for something that could climb walls and so some scrubbing on the water line and gets away the algae that builds up overnight down here and did lots of research before I stumbled upon the Dolphin M600.

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I ordered from Amazon and shipping was fast! Unpacking this unit is easy and simple too. The manual was helpful too. The only difficulty I faced was the direction on how to adjust the floats on the handle, but once I downloaded the manual on the Dolphin website – I discovered the fix was to extend the floats if your unit is using brushes on both eneds.

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The floats (when wxtended) helps the unit reach the water line with no issues at all. To get it started, simply plug the Power/Control unit to the cable (already attached to the Robot), lower the Robot in the pool, plug the controller in to your GFI protected plug, and hit the power switch and its on its way!

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Using the Power/Control Unit, You can set up cleaning intervals and cleaning cycles on a 2, 3, or 7 interval.

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Dolphin M600 Pool Cleaner Review

The build is high quality and it’s been more than two years now and my unit is still going strong!

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