Does the White House have a Pool? LEARN MORE!

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Since the 1930s, the White House has had two distinct pools. The indoor swimming pool opened on June 2, 1933, following a fundraising campaign led by the New York Daily News to build a pool for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who suffered from poliomyelitis and frequently swam in therapy pools at his Hyde Park, New York, home or at a Warm Springs, Georgia, rehabilitation center.

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The rectangular pool was built inside the west terrace between the White House and the West Wing, surrounded by arched ceilings and high rows of half-mooned windows.

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To meet the growing demand for television news, President Richard M. Nixon arranged for the construction of a press briefing room above the old pool.

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Since April 1970, the White House press corps has gathered in a small theater to listen to briefings and reports from the White House press secretary.

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The doors leading to the Rose Garden provide easy access for members of the media to outdoor events.

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President Gerald R. Ford, an avid swimmer, inaugurated the White House grounds with an outdoor pool in 1975.

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