Does the Outside AC Fan Always Run? ANSWERED!

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The forced air blower that activates when the thermostat indicates that it is time to cool should run on a periodic basis, NOT continuously.

It should begin approximately one minute after the refrigeration cycle begins and should conclude shortly after the cycle concludes.

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Allowing it to run continuously wastes energy and results in the humidity removed from the house being reintroduced, which costs a lot of money.

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Generally, the fan should run only when the condenser unit is turned on to cool the house….that is, unless the fan is set to “run.”

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Should an air conditioner’s cooling fan always run?

Air conditioning requires fans to transfer heat to the refrigerant. There are two types of coils: cold and hot.

That is what occurs when a refrigerant is compressed. One fan is required to transfer the heat from the hot coil to the outside air.

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The cold coil transfers heat to the interior air, which necessitates the addition of a second fan.

They can occasionally be combined on the same motor.

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