WHY Does Salt Water Pool Taste Salty? SEE HERE!

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Do salt water pool taste salty? Is this pretty normal, or is it something I need to look at?

The salt taste in saltwater pools actually varies from person to person and Yes! It is quite normal for you to taste salt. The salt level in a SWG pool is right at most people’s taste threshhold. ~3000 ppm. The ocean is ~35,000 ppm.

Should Salt Water Pool Taste Salty?

It will depend on the person in the pool since each human can taste salt to a certain degree.

The recommended salt level for my Salt Water Generator is 4.500 (higher than most, I know). My friends can easily taste the saltiness in the pool most of the time when I cannot.

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salt water pool taste salty

I am able to taste it when it is above 1000ppm and certainly at my strongest when it hits 1500ppm. Some people get in my pool, when it reaches 4800ppm and they can’t taste it.

I get salt comments once in a while but no one has complained so far.

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