Does Nikken Water Filter Remove Fluoride? Yes, it does!

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Yes! It removes between 60% and 65% of fluoride from the water.

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall system is designed to transform ordinary tap water into pure spring water.

The water system is equipped with a multistage single filter that removes impurities and adds beneficial minerals.

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The water flows over a bed of mineral stones, simulating the flow of a mountain stream.

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A magnet with a force of 1,200 gauss energises and conditions the water.

Through these processes, the structure of Nikken water mimics nature’s hexagonal shape (similar to a snowflake) and forms microclusters, allowing the water molecules to be easily absorbed into our cells.

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Because tap water molecules are clumped together and have a different mineral content than natural water, they contain heavy metals and other contaminants that the body must filter prior to absorption.

Your liver essentially performs the function of the Nikken filter. This is why when we drink a lot of tap water, we tend to pee more.

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