Does Muriatic Acid Go Bad? DISCOVER HERE!

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According to the MSDS, shelf life is unlimited on tightly closed containers. Use it up!

How long does Muriatic Acid last in its original gallon bottle? It lasts forever. It does not go bad. However, the bottles do go bad, if exposed to UV or sunlight. And, a brittle old bottle can crack open without warning, spilling acid everywhere.

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Does Muriatic Acid Go Bad?

MA does not go bad when properly stored.

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does muriatic acid go bad

My Muriatic Acid is Bad, How do I Dispose it Cheap?

Since HAZMAT fees can be heart-breaking, we have some safe alternatives here.

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Here are some alternatives:

  • Give it to pool contractor
  • Give it to a masonry or brick contractor.
  • Add it to 5 gallons of water in a plastic garbage can; add “washing soda” till it stops foaming; pour it down the tub. It’s just salty water at that point!

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