Does Chlorine Kill Sperm in A Pool Or Hot Tub? HOW FAST? ANSWER HERE!

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Sperm will die in a pool or hot. But, how long will that take? It takes 15-30 minutes for a sperm to dry when hanging onto dry objects.

They die almost immediately once they loose moisture and dry up. However, inside a female body, they can function up to 5 days. In chlorinated hot tubs, not so much, true hot tubs only a few seconds, warm baths they can last for several minutes.

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Does Chlorine Kill Sperm in A Pool Or Hot Tub?

The chlorine in pools is typically high enough to kill your sperm. The pool or hot tub has chlorine and hot water that represents a bad environment for sperm.

However, if the sperm is ejaculated into the vaginal walls as your Peenis opens up the walls, then you can still get pregnant as the heat or chlorine in a hot tub will not kill sperm or make it harder for sperm to swim.

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If things get freaky, and you deicide to DO-IT in the pool or hot tub, It is a terrible idea! You risk letting chemicals getting inside of you and spending several thousands of dollars treating infections.

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Can You Get Pregnant from Swimming In A Pool With Sperm?

Sperm are strong swimmers, but that’s only when they are released inside the body. That means if you ejaculate into a swimming pool, no one is gonna get preggy.

Pregnancy is only possible when ejaculation occurs inside a womans V-jay. That said, avoid ejaculating into a public pool. Where are your manners?

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Does Chlorine Kill Sperm in A Pool

Can Chlorine Affect Fertility?

Swimming in water does not interfere with the uterus, sperm or fertilization process.

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Can You Get Pregnant from Sperm In Water?

Regular water kills human sperm. Chlorine kills sperm too.

So, there might be a 1:999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 possibility of you conceiving a child from sperm mixed with water.

Can Sperm Survive in Salt Water?

Regular or salt water can kill sperm.

Does Bleach kill Sperm?

Yes, bleach kills sperm cells.

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