Does BROMINE Smell like Chlorine in Hot Tub on Skin, and OTHER QUESTIONS – SEE HERE!

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To me, Bromine smells just a little sweeter than chlorine. A sour smell indicates over sanitizing or there are yet unoxidized contaminants in your hot tub spa.

Does bromine smell like Chlorine in Hot Tub on Skin?

Bromine is popular with hot tub because it doesn’t have a smell that chlorine does. However, high concentrations of bromine will cause it to smell strong, and the low Ph will definitely make the strong smell and irritate the lungs, and if the bromine, it may smell strong as it is working hard. You may want to shock more often. i find that the tablets, which are blended with chlorine have a stronger smell than a pure bromine by far anyway.

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How to Get Bromine Smell Out Of Clothes

To remove bromine smell from clothes, just launder clothing in a mix of water and 1/4 cup vinegar (BUY ON AMAZON). If clothing still smells of chlorine, launder a second time with soap and vinegar to finish removing the odor.

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Bromine Poisoning from Hot Tub

Some bromine tablets and systems does contain Chlorine (at times). If you have this, then you must add bromine when the chlorine in the bromine tablets runs low.

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Note: You will suffer from jacuzzi rash when the added bromine tablets combine with the left-over bromine. It can lead to bromine poisoning in humans too.

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Should I Smell Bromine On My Skin When I Get Out Of Hot Tub, Is That Normal?

Bromine does smell different than chlorine and some people have developed a liking for bromine over chlorine. That is not to say Bromine doesn’t smell too. In fact, Bromine creates bromamine and these also smell, though different than chloramines and much less offensive than the worst of the chloramines. But, if you’re concerned with this, I would suggest switching to a better brand of bromine.

When you get out of a pool or hot tub spa, both chlorine and bromine will continue to oxidize ammonia in sweat and form chloramines or bromamine. That is normal, though the smell should be faint.

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There is also some subtlety to the above with respect to Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels. In pools with very high CYA levels, the oxidation of bather waste slows down unless the FC is proportionately raised higher. This can build up monochloramine to higher levels. At the other extreme with no CYA in the water at all as with many indoor commercial/public pools, the higher active chlorine level forms more nitrogen trichloride and is mostly what is associated with bad pool smell as well as irritation at such facilities.

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