Do You Run A Pool Pump While Swimming? ANSWER HERE

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Like you, many pool owners often ask if they should keep swimming while the pool pump is running or not. So, yes! You can keep the pool pump running while swimming or not.

Either is fine, really. The primary advantage if running the pump while swimming is to filter out dirt while you’re in the pool.

Another benefit of keeping the water pump active while swimming is the creation of a waterfall effect. It makes your pool more fun to swim in.

Do You Run Pool Pump While Swimming?

Yes, you can run your pool while swimming, but you do not have to.

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Do You Run A Pool Pump While Swimming

Run Pump While Swimming Or Not?

It depends on you. Some do, others don’t. A sanitized and well filtered pool doesn’t need it. I run mine to enjoy the waterfall effect. My pump runs using solar energy most of the day. That way, it can filter out any debris.

There is no actual need to. Remember, the pump primary role is to circulate water and to move it through the filter. Circulating the pool water is done on its own even with people in the water while moving it through the filter can happen on the next cycle.

My cousins love to run their pumps during swimming due to water features that they may have like bubblers or water falls.

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