Do Squirrels Menstruate/have Periods? FIND OUT!

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Seen blood on feeding spots, and wondering – do squirrels have periods? Some squirrels have some vaginal bleeding during their heat cycles. One of mine, Ellie did but Bella never did.

Most squirrels go through a period known as “estrus”. Estrus refers to the reproductive cycle where animals such as cats and dogs experience when their bodies ovulate and they become highly receptive to mating.

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Like humans, the ovulation period is when squirrels become pregnant. Some have it easy while others have it hard (bleeding).

squirrels go through a period called “estrus.” Estrus is the reproductive cycle that animals like dogs and cats experience when their bodies ovulate and they become highly receptive to mating. Like humans, this ovulation period is when squirrels become impregnated, but the similarities end there.

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Do Squirrels Menstruate?

Not all squirrels discharge blood when in heat, but some do.

Mine has had some vaginal bleeding during her heat cycles. I believe it was twice over the past few years that I’ve seen blood.

Another thing to consider is acorns. Squirrels who eat acorns are very often suspected of urinary bleeding as acorns does tint the urine in squirrels.

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Do Squirrels Menstruate

Can a UTI Cause the Bleeding?

Yes, a UTI can cause bleeding, usually when advanced.

Do Squirrels Interbreed?

Yes, they can. A favorable condition and lack of mates can cause this.

Do squirrels mate with siblings?

Normally, they won’t but nature does have a way of pulling the wild card on us.

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