Do Squirrels Like Pears and Apples? ANSWER HERE!

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Squirrels typically feed on apple and pear fruits and trees.

Squirrel damage can be prevented by eliminating the presence of the squirrels. Easy?

Using traps such as Havahart (CHECK ON AMAZON) has been effective at catching squirrels unharmed. We use it to catch the ones in our yard and release them into the wild or make squirrel soup with them.

An advantage of a squirrel trap is that your hands are safe from having your fingers chewed on by an angry, trapped squirrel. You might want to check out squirrel stewing. Havahart traps are loved by people who love to stew squirrels too since it reduces meat bruising and clotting spots from bullet or arrow damage.

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Even better, there are no legal bag limit in plenty of areas in the United States.

Do Squirrels Like Pears?

Of course, they do eat peers and will gladly eat the fruit off trees while you watch.

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Can Squirrels Eat Pears?

Yes, they will strip a pear tree if you let them. They love to eat apples too, especially when they’re still green.

Do Squirrels Like Pears and Apples

Do Squirrels Eat Pears From Trees?

Yes, they will eat apples and pears from trees.

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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Pear Trees

You can use the following to keep squirrels away:

  • Use Fox Urine

Fox urine (CHECK ON AMAZON) is another squirrel deterrent you’ve got to try. You can get them off AMAZON or eBay cheap.

  • Irish Spring Soap

The smell of this will chase squirrels off your tree too. Simply put a pile of Irish spring sopa around the base.

  • Mint Plants

Just plant them around your tree.

  • Apple Cider

Soak rags in apple cider vinegar and wrap around your tree or place at the base.

  • Moth Ball

mothballs hanging from sticks around the base, too.

  • Hot Pepper Sauce

Spray the trunk with red hot pepper sauce. Make sure other trees aren’t nearby that they can jump from.

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