Do Squirrels Leave Gifts for You? LEARN MORE

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Squirrels will leave you gifts such as leaves, rocks, acorns and the likes when you feed them certain foods.

You can feed foods like:

Not everyone who feeds wildlife receive such gifts, so you can consider yourself fortunate.

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Do Squirrels Leave Gifts

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Do Squirrels Leave Gifts?

Squirrels love nuts and when you leave treats out for them, they will leave you gifts and look forward to the treats.

There have been documented cases of crows, squirrels and other animals leaving “gifts: for humans who have shown them kindness in the past. In the animal world, this is known as reciprocal altruism.

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The animals aren’t exactly thanking us, biologists say, but doing little tit for tat in hopes that they receive more. The squirrels have appreciated your rule-breaking food offerings and are providing you an acorn in expectation that the food will continue.

Another reason you might find acorn in their water fowl might be crows. Crows are known to drop acorns in water in their bid to soften the nut so it is more easily opened, or maybe those sneaky birds are trying to poison the squirrels and keep all the food for themselves.

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