Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms in the UK, USA, & Canada?

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Flying squirrels and gray squirrels will eat fresh and dried mealworms since they’re omnivores.

They’ll eat baby birds too and often steal mealworms from my chickens when they don’t finish them all.


Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms?

Yes, squirrels do eat mealworms. Contrary to popular belief, squirrels are omnivores and not herbivores.

Aside eating plant foods and nuts, squirrels typically hunt smaller mice, rats and bird eggs if it is close enough for them to get to.

Mealworms are extremely rich in protein and squirrels particularly like them.

As a matter of fact, squirrels will feed on any food that can serve as protein source if it is available. Squirrels will eat whatever they can find, that is not a threat to them.

This is why they’d steal them from bird feeders or where you’re feeding your pet birds. If you leave mealworms for wild birds to find, then there’s a 50% chance these fur-rats are feeding on it at the moment.

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How Do I Keep Squirrels from Eating My Mealworms?

Now, it’s time to squirrel proof mealworm feeders for birds.

Here are some quick ways you can do so.

  • Make the Bird Feeder Inaccessible to Squirrels

Squirrels go after bird-feeders since most are easy-to-reach.

By placing your bird feeder on a pole that squirrels cannot climb, you make it inaccessible to them. The rod is used alongside a fixture that makes the surface hard to climb. This is called a “baffle”.

You can purchase poles that comes pre-made with baffles (CHECK ON AMAZON) or purchase the baffle (CHECK ON AMAZON) separately and attach it to your bird feeder pole you already own.

Remember, squirrels can jump about 4-5 feet high vertically and about 11 feet horizontally so your bird feeder should be at least 10 feet away from trees and other surfaces from which squirrels can jump onto it.

Lastly, place the baffle on the pole above 4 feet from the ground so that the pestering squirrel is unable to jump over it and climb the pole to reach the seeds.

  • Use a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

There are lots of pre-made bird feeders created to keep squirrels out. Some are sensitive to weight and the food supply is cut off when a particular weight is placed on the feeder.

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This weight is typically enough to accommodate birds but not high enough for squirrels. As a result, squirrels are unable to reach the worms.

Others are surrounded by a cage that is too small for squirrel hands/or mouth to reach through. The rest are powered by batteries that uses a spinning mechanism to throw off any squirrel that gets on it.

  • Use Hot Peppers

Mixing any spicy and hot food into the mealworms at the feeder is another effective way to discourage squirrels from eating your bird food.

Peppers have a chemical known as capsaicin. This is what makes us feel the spiciness or chilliness of peppers. But capsaicin only affects mammals as other animals do not have the same nervous reaction to this chemical.

Hence, hot spices or peppers are an effective way to discourage squirrels from eating the mealworms without disturbing the birds who feed on them.

Although the squirrels will feel the pepper like we do, it will not bring any harm or injury to it.

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Do this for 3 months and the consistent experience will be enough to deter any squirrel.

  • Yup, Just Feed the Squirrel in a Separate Place

By feeding the squirrel, you stop them from coming after your bird’s meal-worm.

There are several other food types squirrel go crazy for. Foods like corn and sunflower seeds are amongst a squirrel favorite.

To discourage these pesky pet, you need to put out large quantities of other foods in an area that will be easily accessible for the squirrel.

If the squirrel can find enough food at an easily reachable spot, it is unlikely to look for mealworms from the bird feeder.

Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms

What Bird Food Do Squirrels Not Eat?

There is no bird food squirrels cannot eat. Those pests will eat whatever is edible.

What Other Animals  Eat Mealworms?

Birds, raccoons, snakes, frogs and small rodents like mice and rats will eat mealworms too.

Parting Thoughts

Mealworms is a protein-rich insect-based food eaten by reptiles, birds, rodents and even humans. It is affordable, readily available and extremely rich in protein content.

Remember to try out the different methods of creating squirrel proof mealworm feeders using our tips since squirrels might eat small birds if hungry.

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