Do koi Eat Snails and Slugs? FIND OUT!

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Koi eat snails – they suck them out and bigger ones might eat snail shells too.

I feed mine home farmed snails and I have seen my local PetSmart feed the koi in their tank one or two per snails.

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Will Koi eat Snails?

Koi will eat snails by sucking it from its shell while others will crunch it alongside its shell. Breeding your own is safest rather than letting them feed on wild ones.

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This is because snails are an intermediate host for tape worms which they pick up from bird poop.

Still want to feed wild snails to your fish? You should look at the mucus from under your microscope to ensure they’re clean.

Chickens love to eat snails around the pond.

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Can I feed my Snails Aquatic Snails?

You can feed aquatic snails to domestic and wild carps since they have softer shells.

Do koi Eat Snails

Do Koi Carp Eat Slugs?

Koi carp can and will eat slugs. However, you should exercise are, since there is no way to know what the slugs have eaten.

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