Do It Yourself Refractory Panel Replacement – HOW TO!

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In this article, we show you the different do it yourself refractory panels and a guide you on how you can replace a refractory panel in a fireplace.

Refractory panels are simple to get, once you identify the faulty panels. You can get the right ones to fit your firebox from Amazon. They’re nicely made and look so new like the original hat you can hardly tell you changed them.


How to Replace a Refractory Panel in a Fireplace

  • Take away the Old panel

Refractory panels are typically stuck to the back of the firebox with a mixture of screws and some cement. Removing it can be a bit tiring.

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We recommend carefully removing all of the screws that you can, and then place your chisel behind the panel’s edge, then tap it loose.

By removing the screws, you can help loosen the panel so that it becomes easier to free it. Take extra caution when doing this, especially the force and area you place your chisel. Ensure it doesn’t damage other panels, or the fireplace bricks.

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  • Clean the Fireplace

Clean the area before installing the new panel. A nice way to clean is to brush down the firebox with a stiff hand brush, and then wipe the back of the panel area with a cloth.

Have your chisel close to you as it comes in handy when large pieces of refractory cement cannot be moved, but typically we just use clean cloth to wipe the area clean. We utilize some household liquid soap, to remove the worst ash and dust.

  • Installing the Refractory Panel

Now, lay the panel on the floor beside the fireplace, and then cover it with a light layer of refractory cement, all available on Amazon or at your local home improvement and hardware store.

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Just add a thicker layer to the area where the panel is going. That way, there can be a firm bond between the dual cement layers. Place the panel into the center of the area you recently covered, and press it down upon the panel for a couple of seconds.

You should see lumps of the cement being squeezed out the sides, but this can be wiped away before it hardens.

  • Completing the Installation

As soon as you have had the panel fixed to the back of the firebox using the cement, then you can use your drill to insert screws into the holes at the edge, in order to keep it firmly in place.

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Use a single screw per side to prevent the panel from disjoining for the next couple of days, but they also add to the traditional look of a fireplace, and a lot of people have a preference for large metal screws, and to leave them in once the panel is set. Wipe away any extra cement forced through by the screwing then leave to dry.

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