[ANSWERED] Do I Need to Wear Dirt Bike Boots? & More!

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Yes, you should wear some boots for extra protection when riding your dirt bike. Jeans are fine too if they are comfortable to you. A chest protector is a must because it protects your chest bone from dangerous clashes with trees and rocks if you lose control.



  • Dirt Bike Boots
  • Helmets
  • Chest Protector

A damage to your feet or chest bone is by far the worst pain you could imagine. This is why protective boots are one of the most essential gears you need right now.

Today, we will be showing you reasons why you need protective boots and how to choose the most ideal boot for your current situation.

Do I Need to Wear Dirt Bike Boots?

Yes, you need them for better stability and control of the terrain you’re riding in. Protective gear such as helmets and boots also protect your head and ankle and can save you from very serious injuries.

Do I need to wear dirt bike boots

How Dirt Bike Boots Protect Your Feet?

The primary function of dirt bike boots is to protect your feet from lots of injuries.

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Here are some parts of your body that boots protect:

  • Sprained Ankle

This Injury type is fairly common, especially when your ride a lot, very often.

Riding using regular boots increases the chances of sustaining an injury and sprained ankle by 30%, compared to riding with protective boots which is much safer and better at the reduction of a sprained ankle.

Here are some brands you can check out:

  • Broken leg

Broken leg is less common in sports riding but it is still a possibility.

It takes falling on your foot riding with sneakers to break a leg. Why not cancel that probability out by investing a better boot that will protect your feet? Hospital bills are no joke.

  • Rotation of the ankle

Your risk of suffering an ankle twist increases by 50% if you’re riding in sport shoes. This is why it is important to pick boots that cover your whole leg and even reach your knee.

These boots provide an excellent layer of protection for your exposed ankle.

  • Losing control

Bad things happen even when no one prays for it.

A defective bike, emotions, distractions etc can make one lose control of the motorcycle and suffer some injury.

Having a boot on during this time reduces your risk of suffering a fatal accident.

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How to Choose Dirt Bike Protective Boots

  • Comfort and Occasion

Comfortability is the #1 factor you should consider when picking out boots. It is crucial that the boots have internal; padding inside so your sole don’t get sore.

It should be roomy but still stylish enough that you’d be confident using it in a race.

  • The Safety and Protection System Of The Boot

Pick boots whose materials use layers of protective coverings. The boot should be strong yet flexible.

The boots should reach the knees, so there is adequate protection for each leg. Avoid boots that covers only small parts of the leg.

  • Style boots

Boots come in various colors and styles. So, you should pick boots that suit the equipment you wear. From experience, pick something simple, durable, quality but still stylish enough to turn heads.

  • Price vs result

Like any other investment, it is always wise to get the value for your money.

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For instance, there are some leather boots that costs more than 500 bucks because they are just leather, offer more comfort and safety. There are some that have metal by the side’s tom protect your feet if you accidentally strike them against something.

So, choose wisely.

Features to Look for When Choosing Dirt Bike Riding Boots

  • Best quality within your budget range
  • Comfortable sole and interior ankle paddin
  • Full leather uppers.
  • Aluminum quick-release buckles.
  • Curved plastic or composite shin plates.
  • Inners/linings that prevent water entry.
  • Plate guards for the inner and outer toe-box area.
  • High grip rubber outside soles with steel inner plates.

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How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike Boots

If you are investing in protective gears for your dirt bike then you need them to last for years. Cleaning and proper storage is one best practice that makes this an achievable task.

Here is how to clean Dirt Bike Boots

  • Wash them after each ride using your hands or a soft foam with soap. Using only water is fine too.

AVOID using the washing machine because it will reduce the boot quality materials.

  • Dry them in a shady place, not in direct sunlight.

I recommend this excellent cleaning kit, which is available on Amazon for cheap click here to view.

  • Dry quickly using rags or soft clothes. Alternatively, you can also cover them in paper, the paper will help them dry faster.

Can I Just Wear Jeans and Work Boots for Trail?

That is a bad idea. If you do that, I can guarantee you that it will take only one sore ankle to convince you that you need to spend a bit for the right gear.

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You can purchase a T-30’s for around 100 bucks if you need the bare minimum. They aren’t the best boots on the market but will offer the protection and support where you need it most.

I would recommend getting some helmet, google, boots, chest protector, elbow pads, and gloves too. These combos will serve as the minimum in trail riding protection.

That said, if you don’t ride in narrow forest trails with lots of rocks…you may not need to go that crazy.

Are Dirt Bike Boots Needed?

Yes, they are. In fact the best dirt bike boots offer full protection for your entire ankle, foot and lower leg.

Are Motorcycle Boots Necessary?

Motorcycle boots will help protect your ankles and feet. Remember, good work boots will protect against most motorcycle hazards, but they’ll wear out fast and won’t provide much stability in a crash.

What Do You Wear Under Motocross Boots?

  • Compression clothes
  • Chest protection
  • Soft insoles
  • Weather resistant socks

Are Dirt Bike Boots Comfortable?

Dirt bikes with Snap-lock buckles are very comfortable. You won’t be spending eternity trying to slip them on.

Are Motocross Boots Good For Street Riding?

I’d rather much prefer getting a street boot for street riding. Motocross boots are stiff and if you eventually succeed in breaking them in, they won’t perform as much as Street riding boots.

How Long Do Dirt Bike Boots Last?

Dirt bike boots have an average lifespan of 10 years.

When Should I Replace My Motocross Boots?

You should consider replacing your motocross boots when:

  • It leaks
  • Has a missing ankle cuff
  • They don’t fit / Velcro fasteners won’t stick
  • Excessive Wear on The Soles.


In the end, it is crucial to wear dirt bike boots for kids or youth dirt bike protective gear if you plan on riding soon.

Take care of them too so they last a long time.

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