Do Geese Keep Snakes Away in Australia, US, UK etc? – FIND OUT!

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It depends. Some geese may chase or kill snakes, others will just run away instead, saving their own lives.

I once had a pair of white tam geese that kills snakes for fun. They’d hunt and kill anyone they could find. I would find dead snakes laying on the pond bank with flattened heads.

I had had more geese ever since that time and they’d prefer to run away rathe than chase off snakes.

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Peacocks are one bird specie is one bird I can guarantee that take care of snakes. You should get some. They would flat a snake even if you’re standing there. They kill cooper head, tiger snakes, black snakes etc.

Peacocks are fricken are the best of birds. They may look all beautiful and pretty and such but don’t turn your back on them!!

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Table of Contents

How to Keep Snakes out of the Yard

The simplest way to keep snakes out of the yard is to keep active and keep the long grass and clutter to a minimum.

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Even better, teach your kids to be snake-aware.

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Will Geese Kill Snakes?

Yes, geese can kill snakes in farms or in your yard.

Do Geese Attack Snakes?

Yes! Some geese will attack snakes.

Do Geese Eat Snakes?

I have never seen a goose eat snake. Some may attack and kill snakes, but won’t eat it unless they are REALLY hungry.

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