Do Deer Like Figs Leaves, and Trees? SEE HERE!

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Deer do not like figs and will not eat fig leaves or the fruit either. However, they can be trained to eat the fruit if you set it out in a place they like to browse.

BUT, if a deer herd is super limited in space, they will be open to eating less palatable foods such as your fig and persimmon.

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In the area where I grew up, persimmon grew wild and the deer’s love them. So, yes, a deer would eat persimmon if it’s available to them.

Do Deer Like Figs Leaves, and Trees?

Normally, they don’t like figs. However, they will strip the leaves and figlets if there is shortage of food in the area.

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Remember, When it gets dry, deer will eat anything green. So, Fence them in!

What Kind Of Tree Will Attract Deer The Best?

Oaks and persimmons are the two best deer attractants.

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