Do Deer Eat Zinnias Flowers & Marigold – MY EXPERIENCE

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A deer will anything if they are hungry enough. This include zinnias. Although it isn’t amongst their top food choice, an hungry deer will eat zinnia flowers if they’re unable to find other palatable sources.

They adore tulips, pansies, white variegated monkey etc. You should use deer deterrents like fences and repellents to keep them out of your garden.

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant?

It depends. The deer in my area does not like Zinnias and I have ever seen one pinch a little and spit it right back. However, some gardners complain of deer in their area feeding on Zinnias in their garden.

So, you never would know if you don’t plant it. That being said, Zinnias is hardly fed on by deer, even if they eat it. It is amongst the least plant to be consumed in a garden.

Whenever I mention deer resistant flowers in my garden, I must also say that your deer may like plants that my deer won’t eat (and vice-versa).

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Why Plant Zinnia Flowers in my Garden?

Zinnia flowers are beautiful blooms. They can turn to every color imaginable and make your garden more prettier. Their blooms come in unique flower shapes – from spiders, diases, domes, dahlias, and lots more.

They are also able to withstand drought and the summer heat without supplemental watering, making it easy to cultivate and enjoy the view.

Be prepared to get visitors such as butterflies and hummingbirds as you add them to your garden. Yes, it’s that attractive!

The nemesis of the zinnias plant include bacterial spots, fungal spots, powdery mildew, bacterial wilt etc.. However, careful garden practices will help you get rid of these issues.

These characteristic of the Zinnia flower plant makes them an excellent choice for first-time flower growers. However, you may wonder, do deer eat zinnia flowers? The short answer is yes, they will if they’re hungry enough!

Do Deer Eat Zinnias Flowers

Deer and Zinnia flowers

Good news! Although deer do not like zinnia flowers, it doesn’t mean they won’t eat them if they’re hungry enough.

Yet, this remains one of the best deer-resistant flowers you can add to your garden. Zinnias are also safe to cultivate around other animals, such as dogs, hoses, and cats. They’re safe and non-toxic to domestic animals.

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These flowers can be quickly grown with higher potentials of enjoying your blooms even in a high-deer population area.

But, remember that no flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, or trees are entirely deer-proof. So there’s a good chance deer might nibble on it if they cannot find other favorite choices.

Nevertheless, some natives have attested to having their zinnias eaten by deer, mostly when young. Deer love young buds of almost every type of plant. We recommend using deer fences and repellents to prevent them from nibbling on your zinnias.

You can buy both fence, taste and odor repellents, but the fence and odor repellents work best. Plus, you need two types of whichever safety measure you pick.

Deer are quick learners and might adapt easily to it, so you need to keep them guessing.

There are diverse kinds of fencing: electric fencing, wire fencing, wooden fencing, and creating an invisible barrier. Ensure your fencing is high enough (8 to 10 for wooden, wire, and electric fence). If you create an invisible barrier, string a fishing line around your garden, at least three inches above the ground.

Are all Zinnias Deer Resistant?

No! Some deer may eat zinnia plants and flowers and others will not touch it. So, it comes down to how hungry the deer is and its preference.

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What Flowers Will Deer Not Bother?

Deer resistant flowers include poppies, foxgloves, and Daffodils. These are toxic to deer and they will not eat it. They like to avoid plants with strong scents too.

Herbs such as sages, ornamental salvias, and lavender, as well as flowers like peonies and bearded irises, are just “stinky” to deer.

What is Eating My Zinnias?

Aphids, earwigs, slugs, and caterpillars with beetles are the most common pests of zinnias plants. They like to attack the leaves and the plant itself.

Will Deer Eat Marigolds And Zinnias?

Zinnias? A hungry-enough deer may be tempted to try it. As for marigolds, it’s a big turn off because of their strong, pungent scent.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer like Zinnia flowers? Nom, they do not most of the time. But, an hungry deer will be open to trying it out.

Deer will eat zinnia flowers if it is close by and there isn’t any other food source. They will also bite on those flowers once in a while. Use fences and deer repellent to keep them out.

Zinnia flowers are not top on their list of palatable foods, but they can still make their list of foods if the conditions are right.


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