Diamond Star Above Ground Pools Reviews

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The pool is nice and the warranty that comes with them are pretty good.  My friend Esther bought this pool and so, I have asked her to share experience with it below:

Diamond Star Above Ground Pools Reviews

I bought the Diamond Star 12’x24’x54″ AG pool package last year from Amazon and I’m very happy.

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The Benefits/Reasons why I like and bought this pool include:

  • 54” high walls that is not common but desirable for 48’ pool water depth.
  • Quality-made pool at an affordable rate.
  • Good customer service.

Yeah, it is not as solid as Esther Williams and sister extruded aluminum wall pools, but they are more expensive and harder to find.

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Diamond Star Above Ground Pools Reviews

Here are a couple of notes from my purchase and use experience:

  • If you want the resin top rail, ensure you choose it and verify it is in their stock and will be shipped.
  • Order lower HP motor since many people prefer a quieter and more efficient motor
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